1. Help
    April 30th, 2013 by Ted Landau
    Fixing Apple TV lost network connections

    Occasionally, my 1080p Apple TV (ATV) loses interest in connecting to my local network. More specifically, if I go to the Network setting, I find...

  2. News
    April 17th, 2013 by Lex Friedman
    Apple replacing some third-gen Apple TV units with Wi-Fi issues

    The third-generation Apple TV wasn’t a huge update from the generation prior: Its major addition was support for 1080p video. But reports suggest...

  3. Gadget Guide
    April 4th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Denon CEOL piccolo

    With built-in Wi-Fi, the new compact CEOL piccolo network music system provides easy access to digital music content via Apple’s AirPlay technology,...

  4. Reviews
    March 27th, 2013 by Theano Nikitas
    Samsung EX2F Smart Camera

    The Samsung EX2F fits neatly into the advanced compact camera category but offers more than just a balance of manual and automatic controls. It’s...

  5. News
    March 25th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Apple acquires indoor-GPS company WiFiSLAM

    Apple has acquired GPS company WiFiSLAM according to a Wall Street Journal report, which claims Apple paid approximately US$20 million to close the...

  6. Reviews
    March 24th, 2013 by Anthony Caruana
    Netgear D6300 Wi-Fi Router

    The Netgear D6300 is one of the first in a new wave of routers we’ll be seeing over the next year. As well as support for 802.11 a, b, g and n,...

  7. Reviews
    March 22nd, 2013 by Anthony Caruana
    Belkin AC1800DB wireless router

    Belkin’s AC1800DB sports a sleek design that manages to pack a lot into its compact form. Although 802.11ac only runs on the 5GHz frequency spectrum,...

  8. News
    March 21st, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Panasonic launches its 2013 home entertainment and camera range

    Panasonic has unveiled its 2013 home entertainment and photography range at a product launch in Adelaide, with a host of new VIERA televisions, Blu-ray...

  9. Reviews
    March 18th, 2013 by Anthony Caruana
    Apple Airport Extreme

    Apple’s Airport Extreme has been on the market, largely unchanged, for some time so we wanted to see how it stacked up against other, newer devices....

  10. News
    March 13th, 2013 by Martyn Williams
    Google to pay $7M to US states for Wi-Fi eavesdropping

    Google will pay US$7 million to settle complaints from dozens of US states about its unauthorised collection of personal data transmitted over Wi-Fi...

  11. Blogs
    March 11th, 2013 by Andy Ihnatko, Macworld
    Why I switched from iPhone to Android: Part 1

    About a month and a half ago, I walked into my local AT&T Store in the US, handed over my iPhone 4S, and asked to be switched from my unlimited...

  12. Reviews
    March 7th, 2013 by Lex Friedman
    BearExtender Mini

    The $49.97 BearExtender Mini is the follow-up to the company’s 2010 BearExtender n3. Like its predecessor, the BearExtender Mini’s goal is...

  13. Reviews
    February 19th, 2013 by Danny Gorog
    Pioneer XW-SMA3 A3

    The A3 has two key advantages over other units in this Group Test (reviews of iHome’s iW1, Logitech’s UE Air Speaker and PURE’s...

  14. Gadget Guide
    February 10th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Double Robotics Double

    Attach one iPad to this telepresence robot, and then use another as a remote control to guide it. The two components connect wirelessly, via Wi-Fi...

  15. Reviews
    January 28th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Netgear WiFi Booster for Mobile

    Living in the digital age means being connected and mobile at all times; mobile technology, in particular, demands optimal Wi-Fi coverage to perform...

  16. Reviews
    January 15th, 2013 by Glenn Fleishman
    Kanex mySpot

    Kanex’s $59.95 mySpot aims to let you easily create a secure Wi-Fi network in a hotel room or any other location where you have an ethernet port...

  17. Blogs
    January 13th, 2013 by Malcolm Wilde
    Apple TV release date, rumours and images

    Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments that the television is an area of “intense interest” for the company, the web has lit up...

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