1. News
    June 30th, 2010 by Melissa J. Perenson
    Seagate 3TB drive raises storage to new heights

    For hard drives, it feels like we’ve been stuck at 2TB forever. Not anymore: Seagate has announced it’s shipping the industry’s...

  2. News
    Carbonite launches iPhone app for for mobile file access

    Carbonite, a provider of online backup services, has announced the release of an iPhone application that allows users to browse, view, and share...

  3. Reviews
    New: CompactFlash reaches 128GB with new Silicon Power cards

    If you're finding your current CompactFlash (CF) cards to be a bit tight for space, Silicon Power has the answer: high-speed CF cards offering up...

  4. Reviews
    Update: MobileMe iDisk app update brings faster downloads, bug fixes

    Apple updated its MobileMe iDisk application for the iPhone to version 1.1 this week, adding some new features and resolving existing issues.

  5. Reviews
    Update: Norton Online Backup 2.0 adds Mac support

    Symantec's newest version of its Norton Online Backup launches today, and with it comes a little help for cross-platform users, thanks to the addition...

  6. Help
    Five reasons to partition a disk

    When you get a new Mac, it comes with one startup drive (a hard disk or, in a few cases, a solid-state disk) named “Macintosh HD.” This arrangement...

  7. Reviews
    Update: Jungle Disk upgrades online backup services

    Jungle Disk —which we recently reviewed in our roundup of online backup services—has announced upgrades to two of its products and introduced...

  8. News
    Intel to roll out new low-cost and high-end SSDs

    Intel will release a $US120 ($A132) solid-state disk (SSD) drive positioned as a server “boot drive” with only 40GB of capacity, but the drive...

  9. Help
    Six ways to botch your backups

    Many of us were shocked the other week that a company as prominent as Danger, Inc. could make such a rookie mistake by losing the data of T-Mobile's...

  10. News
    Mac port of ZFS discontinued

    Many bleeding-edge Mac geeks are mourning the death of the project to implement the ZFS filesystem on the Mac. The Apple-backed project to port...

  11. Help
    Create a central media library

    Apple may not offer a dedicated media centre, but the features its hardware and software provide can come pretty close. You can watch movies on...

  12. Reviews
    New: Seagate ships self-encrypting drives for enterprises


  13. Reviews
    New: HP boosts Mac integration with new MediaSmart home servers

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) on Tuesday announced the release of the MediaSmart EX490 and EX495 Home Servers. They’re available for pre-order for $549 and...

  14. Reviews
    Review: Online backup services

    Backups work best when you have multiple copies, at least one of which is both current and offsite. OS X’s Time Machine feature plus high-capacity,...

  15. Blogs
    Google’s Gmail fail casts dark cloud on cloud computing

    Tuesday's Gmail outage was not only an inconvenience, it calls into question—yet again—the feasibility of present day cloud computing.

  16. Blogs
    Snow Leopard’s new math

    I did OK in math. Took a year of calculus in college. Got a B and two A’s, if I recall correctly. (It’s all about getting a good professor.)...

  17. Help
    Dealing with a full hard drive

    Hard drive getting a bit on the heavy side? Here are a few places to look for things you probably don't need anymore, to free up some much-needed...

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