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    Speed up your wireless network

    Wi-Fi networks are miraculous and devilish at the same time. They can seem miraculous in their ability to deliver high-speed network and internet...

  2. News
    iPad’s wireless performance tied to AT&T’s boosting its 3G network

    AT&T last week boasted that it would be ready to handle demand for the iPad’s wireless connectivity through use of its Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities...

  3. Blogs
    Why go Pro when iMac goes faster?

    The Mac Pro has always been something of a niche product, appealing mainly to those who need vast amounts of internal storage (thanks to its four...

  4. News
    Google aims to double Web speed

    Google is hoping to make Web pages download up to twice as quickly using SPDY, a new application-layer protocol that it's experimenting with, according...

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    Introducing Speedmark 6

    Back in August, Apple entered the era of Snow Leopard. Today, Macworld’s Speedmark test suite enters the Snow Leopard's den.

  6. Reviews
    Gauging Snow Leopard’s speed boosts

    Apple describes Snow Leopard as a top-to-bottom refinement of existing features. One major goal of those refinements: Improved performance.

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    Is your network fast enough?

    Everyone wants a faster network. But before you can do anything to speed up yours, you must ascertain how fast it’s currently going. Yet measuring...

  8. App Guide
    Review: Beats for iPhone

    If you dance—anywhere from a rave to your school formal—you’ve seen it. The music is loud, the lights are low. Dancers are moving in time to...

  9. Reviews
    Benchmarks: 2.13GHz White MacBook outperforms costlier unibody model

    The latest entry-level MacBook rolled out by Apple a week ago offers more than just an improvement on the white laptop it replaces in Apple’s...

  10. cat-iPhone
    Review: Speedtest.net Speed Test

    One of the simplest and best designed free apps you’ll find in the App Store, Speedtest.net Speed Test can tell you whether your network’s speed...

  11. Reviews
    Benchmarks: New Mac minis

    The Mac mini, waiting patiently on the sidelines for the past 17 months, was finally refreshed with an update this week. The new systems appear identical...

  12. cat-iPhone
    iPhone speed test informs Australian speed maps

    Curious how fast your iPhone is running? CBS Interactive Australia has released a speed testing application that will eventually paint coverage and...

  13. Reviews
    Customised MacBook Pro benchmarks

    It’s standard practice for Apple to offer customers to chance to upgrade processors, hard drives, and other components of its hardware line. These...

  14. Reviews
    MacBook Pro benchmarks

    Our test results for the new MacBooks made this point, but it bears repeating as we turn our attention to the revamped MacBook Pro models released...

  15. Reviews
    MacBook benchmarks: Apple’s latest consumer laptops powered by graphics gains

    Apple’s newest MacBooks perform markedly better than their predecessors, particularly when it comes to 3-D games. But perhaps the most interesting...

  16. News
    Apple asks judge to make iPhone lawsuit moot

    Apple has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit brought by dissatisfied iPhone 3G owners because they did not ask the company to repair their...

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