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    Simply B&W

    Lets face it, some photos just look better in black and white. Heck, I think almost everything looks better in black and white. OK, I confess, black-and-white...

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    Family Tree Maker for Mac

    Genealogy software.

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    Today I’m covering a utility that aims to fix – or at least render more usable – one of Lion’s worst-implemented features. I’m referring,...

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    Voice Brief

    Voice Brief transforms your iPhone into a talking assistant of sorts. The $4 productivity app from Dong Baik reads content from your iPhone aloud,...

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    Bongiovi DPS

    We love our music at Macworld Australia HQ, and we also love Bongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station (DPS) plug-in for iTunes on the Mac (sadly...

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    AC Ryan PlayOn!HD Mini 2

    Gone are the days of burning DVDs. That external hard drive you have sitting around can now be simply plugged into a media centre and you can enjoy...

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    Tank Battles

    Tank Battles is a new, addictive game recently added to the Mac App store. It’s a top-down combat game in which you control a yellow World War...

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    Finn’s Paper Hat HD

    As a child, my best, most treasured memories began with the most simple of play things. From there, imagination took over and hours of engrossed play...

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    Panasonic Lumix G10

    Micro Four-Thirds camera.

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    I started high school at a particularly difficult time for someone who would eventually grow up to be a gadget freak and mad scientist. By then, the...

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    Avid Scorch

    Scorch lets you use your iPad to purchase, practise and perform sheet music that’s been created using the Sibelius music software. At its most basic,...

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    Swann SportsCam DVR-460

    Mini video cameras that you can attach to your helmet, bike, surfboard or other sports equipment have become the must-have gadget for adrenaline junkies....

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    Need For Speed Undercover

    With last year’s much anticipated arrival of Need for Speed Undercover for the iPhone and iPod touch, Electronic Arts not only delivered all the...

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    Memonic for the iPad and iPhone combines a standalone app, web-based service, and Safari bookmarklet to enable you to save material from the web,...

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    Quote Book

    “The internet is a telephone system that’s gotten uppity.”  – Clifford Stoll It is always nice to have something quirky to say, even if somebody...

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    Soundmatters foxL v2.2 speaker

    Getting great sound out of a small package is one of the holy grails of the tech world. Over the years we’ve reviewed any number of small speaker...

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    Bookeen Cybook Opus

    Sleek e-reader but lacks integrated store.

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