1. Help
    February 10th, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    How to sign digital documents

      Reader Isabel Lorenzo has been asked to sign on the dotted line. She writes: I’ve received some electronic documents that I’m supposed...

  2. App Guide
    January 24th, 2013 by Alan Martin
    Devil’s Attorney for iOS

    When you talk games about lawyers, you probably think Phoenix Wright – the noble defender of the wrongfully accused. Max McMann, the star here,...

  3. Reviews
    January 8th, 2013 by Nick Spence
    WoodPad Duo for iPhone, iPad

    Manufactured by Robert J Turner & Co - professional cabinetmakers based in Hertfordshire, England – the WoodPad range, as the name suggests,...

  4. App Guide
    December 26th, 2012 by Anthony Caruana
    3 OF A KIND: Mac PDF Tools apps

    Created by Adobe to ensure documents look the same no matter where they were printed, PDFs have been around for nearly 20 years. Now that the PDF...

  5. Help
    December 22nd, 2012 by Sharon Zardetto, Macworld
    Quick Look power tips

    You’ve worked on a project that has generated multiple versions of many files burdened with next-to-useless names, and now you need to send the...

  6. App Guide
    December 9th, 2012 by Mark Hattersley
    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS

    Has it really been 10 years since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released? It doesn’t feel as long, but Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS...

  7. Reviews
    December 8th, 2012 by Duncan Evans
    Samsung S27B970 LED monitor

    You have to hand it to Samsung, the company knows how to design a sexy looking monitor. The snappily-titled S27B970 is huge 27” PLS monitor with...

  8. Help
    September 9th, 2012 by Kirk McElhearn
    Shrink Preview files without ruining image quality

    Savvy Preview users know they can do some interesting things to PDFs—convert them to black-and-white or sepia tone, increase or decrease their lightness,...

  9. App Guide
    August 10th, 2012 by Alan Martin
    Beat Sneak Bandit for iPad and iPhone

    Some crooks are happy just smashing a window and taking what they want, but that’s not everyone’s style. Where’s the art, where’s...

  10. Help
    July 3rd, 2012 by Kirk McElhearn
    Work better with PDFs

    ANNOTATE PDFS IN PREVIEW PDFs are great, portable, cross- platform documents that you can read on your Mac, on your iPad or iPhone or on a PC. But...

  11. Blogs
    May 26th, 2012 by John Moltz
    A Mac user’s take on Windows 8

    Let’s get a couple of things straight right off the bat. First, it’s absurd to take the opinion of an obvious Apple partisan like me about Windows...

  12. News
    April 26th, 2012 by Jay Alabaster, IDG News Service
    Windows 8 Release Preview coming in June

    The latest pre-release version of the Windows 8 operating system will become available during the first week of June, a Microsoft executive said on...

  13. News
    April 23rd, 2012 by Craig Grannell
    Adobe CS6 Review: Flash Professional

    Flash is currently going through something of a transitionary phase and perhaps even a renaissance. Once the darling of the internet (nip back a decade...

  14. News
    April 23rd, 2012 by Craig Grannell
    Adobe CS6 Review: Dreamweaver

    The web is currently in one of its semi-regular periods of rapid evolution. Screen sizes are diverging, with desktop monitors getting bigger and tablets...

  15. News
    April 23rd, 2012 by Duncan Evans
    Adobe CS6 Review: Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro CS6 has a new interface that gives over the top part of the screen to the Source and Program monitors. The amount of buttons has been...

  16. News
    April 23rd, 2012 by Duncan Evans
    Adobe CS6 Review: After Effects

    With Photoshop, Adobe eventually dipped a toe into the waters of 3D and now it’s After Effects’ turn to follow suit. There are new features to...

  17. News
    February 20th, 2012 by Macworld Staff
    Mountain Lion: What you need to know

    Any time there’s a new operating system, there’s bound to be lots of questions about new features and capabilities. And when that operating system’s...

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