1. News
    Postman iPhone app turns images into e-postcards

    Freeverse Software on Thursday announced the release of Postman, a new iPhone and iPod touch application. It costs $1.19.

  2. Reviews
    Mac Gems: Klix recovers deleted photos and movies from memory cards

    Ever have one of those moments where you download photos to your Mac and then delete the originals, only to find that some didn’t copy over? Rather...

  3. Reviews
    Mac Gems: Photo Wrangler makes it easy to quickly scan through a folder of photos

    When I use my digital camera, I tend to take a lot of photos. After all, one of the beauties of going digital is that you don’t have to worry...

  4. cat-iPhone
    Review: 101 PhotoFilters for iPhone

    Turning a snapshot into a photographic work of art is exciting. I will never forget using Photoshop 3.0, playing with effects to make my pitiful...

  5. cat-iPhone
    Postino turns your iPhone pictures into real postcards

    In all likelihood you, like me, have run into the challenges of physical mail in a digital world. You’re on a holiday, and you want to send your...

  6. Reviews
    New: ACDSee Pro beta finally launched for Mac

    A Windows version of the ACDSee photography software has been around for a dozen years. This week, ACD Systems saw fit to make a Mac version available...

  7. Reviews
    Review: Tiffen Dfx 2: Plug-in filter suite offers outstanding effects

    To photographers of a certain generation, a filter is an optical element that you screw on to the end of your lens; it alters the light to achieve...

  8. cat-iPhone
    Face Fun for iPhone lets you remix faces

    While Apple's Photo Booth and iPhoto '09 both have features that let you apply wacky effects to your friends' faces, they also both require...

  9. Reviews
    Update: iPhoto Library Manager 3.5 adds Faces, Places compatibility

    For those who cannot live by a single iPhoto library, Fat Cat Software’s iPhoto Library Manager is like the One Ring to Rule Them All. Except,...

  10. Help
    Speed up iPhoto ’09 operations on some Macs

    If you’re trying to use iPhoto ’09 on older pre-Intel hardware and/or if you have a very large photo library, you may have noticed that many...

  11. News
    iPhone tricks: 7 surprising uses for the iPhone’s camera

    These days, a 2-megapixel camera may not seem like much. But add Web access, a pocket-size Mac, and third-party apps to the mix, and presto! That...

  12. Help
    Facing the Faces: Getting better results from iPhoto

    I've already written about my love of Faces, the iPhoto '09 feature that automatically picks out the faces of people in your photos. The tool is great...

  13. cat-iPhone
    Review: PhotoFrame for iPhone

    You’ve got a well-stocked desk—paper, pencils, maybe even a few erasers. But something is missing… the kind of personal touch represented...

  14. Reviews
    NEW: Free Polaroid-like HD photo effect available for Final Cut Pro

    CrumplePop has released CrumplePop Photo, a free Polaroid-style HD photo effect for Apple's Final Cut Pro 6.

  15. cat-iPhone
    Review: Juxtaposer for iPhone: Combine images into one

    Juxtaposer is a photo-editing app that allows you to combine multiple images to create a new—and often funny—result. You can put your friend’s...

  16. Blogs
    Pixelpipe for iPhone

    In this mobile age, there’s more than one way—social networks, microblogs, photo-sharing sites—to show off your digital media. But the folks...

  17. Blogs
    Pixelmator a great, inexpensive image editor

    Whenever a company releases a new image editor, people immediately classify it as a "Photoshop alternative". I think that's an unfair comparison...

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