1. cat-iPhone
    iPhone customers’ frustration grows

    As the day draws near for the iPhone to go on sale in Australia with still very little information from Telstra and Vodafone (and even Apple) as to...

  2. cat-iPhone
    Free hotspots for iPhone

    New Zealand-based Tomizone is making an aggressive push to expand its business as a provider of wireless hotspot service by offering three months...

  3. cat-iPhone
    Optus shows its iPhone 3G hand

    The agonising wait for information about pricing plans from the major telco carriers as regards the iPhone 3G moved a step nearer to completion this...

  4. cat-iPhone
    Optus Announces 3G iPhone Plans and Pricing

    And the great news is you'll be able to get an 8G iPhone 3G from Optus for $0 on a $79 Cap plan over 24 months which provides $550 of calls, text...

  5. cat-iPhone
    Telstra will have the iPhone

    Telstra announced this afternoon that it will be offering the 3G iPhone, and that it will release it on the same day as competitors Optus and Vodafone....

  6. cat-iPhone
    3G war of words

    One of the things you can guarantee in the Australian communications marketplace is that any time you get a major move by one player, one of the others...

  7. cat-iPhone
    3G iPhone and Australian telcos: An arranged marriage

    The imminent launch of the much-coveted 3G iPhone in Australia has had the wires and internet forums abuzz for months now. One of the most discussed...

  8. cat-iPhone
    Optus announces … not much really

    Following hot on the heels of last week's announcement by Vodafone that it would carry the iPhone in ten countries including Australia and New Zealand,...

  9. Blogs
    When connectivity dies

    How would you feel if your Internet connection suddenly disappeared? Would you panic? Would business (and therefore cashflow) grind to a halt? Would...

  10. cat-iPhone
    iPhone: here it comes

    We don't normally run rumour stories in AMW, but this one's getting a bit too loud to be dismissed as rumbling. The Apple reseller "grapevine"...

  11. Blogs
    Mobile internet maze

    As a member of iMug (and a past president) I participate in a very vibrant and switched-on Mac user group. Every few months there's a discussion around...

  12. Blogs
    Why MacBooks suck for Internet

    The MacBook range is second-rate for internet access, and it’s high time Apple did something about it. OK, perhaps that’s a bit unfair....

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