1. Reviews
    NEW: BoinxTV lets you capture Skype, iChat for video interviews

    Boinx Software on Thursday announced the release of BoinxTV 1.2, a new version of its live video production software for Mac OS X. It costs $US500...

  2. Reviews
    NEW: Vuzix offers ‘Works with iPhone’ cables for video eyewear

    Vuzix on Thursday announced iPhone compatibility for its line of video goggles. The cable costs $US40 ($A60), and will be bundled with Vuzix’s...

  3. News
    iSubtitle makes your videos readable

    For those that prefer to read their television and movies—c’mon, it’s as close as some of us get to literature—Apple’s been supporting subtitles...

  4. News
    iTunes Genius now online for TV shows, movies

    If you’ve been holed up in darkness for the past couple weeks since the release of iTunes 8.1, you can finally come out: the light of Genius will...

  5. Blogs
    Apple TV’s missed opportunity

    Last week's announcement of HD movies sales being added to the iTunes Store (in the US, at least) may have been good news for consumers of Apple-supplied...

  6. Help
    An iPhone remote for a media-centre Mac

    I've been impatiently waiting for the arrival of the new Mac Mini, so I could run out and buy one to use as my living-room media centre. So on Tuesday,...

  7. Help
    Add new locations to iMovie ’09

    One of iMovie ’09’s more intriguing new features is the ability to easily create an animated travel map. Choose your map style from the Maps...

  8. News
    Multiplex manages ripped DVDs

    Currently in public beta, Multiplex is a Mac OS X application that helps you managed libraries of “ripped” movies. It’s priced at $US25 ($A39)...

  9. News
    MobileMe adds large file sharing

    I find myself conflicted. For years I’ve been told that sharing is good—well, up until I started hearing that file sharing was bad. But what...

  10. Blogs
    The video industry just doesn’t get it

    As a consumer of audio and video in many forms—CDs, DVDs, and online purchases—I find it interesting to watch as the various media businesses...

  11. Help
    Change iDVD’s Apple logo watermark

    If you use iDVD much, you’re probably familiar with the Apple logo watermark that (optionally) appears on your DVD’s menu screens. (You can...

  12. News
    CES: Blu-ray Disc content market almost tripled in US in 2008

    Sales and rentals of Blu-ray Disc content almost tripled in 2008 despite an overall downturn in the U.S. home entertainment market, an industry...

  13. News
    YouTube pushes HD video, new landing pages


  14. Help
    Play Windows media files on your Mac

    If you’ve had your ear to the ground you know that increasing numbers of Windows users are switching to the Mac. And with that switch comes a...

  15. News
    Online video usage continues to grow

    More people are watching more videos online, mostly on YouTube, according to a new report.

  16. News
    Movies disappearing from iTunes Store without a trace

    Where oh where have the movies gone? Frequent Macworld contributor Kirk McElhearn noticed something interesting when he went to grab a movie from...

  17. cat-iPhone
    Air-sickness bag makes a great iPhone stand

    So, you’re on a plane—wait, you’re not on a plane? Okay, bear with me. You’re on a hypothetical plane, and you’ve brought along your...

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