1. News
    Sony eyes consumer 3-D cameras as way to drive new format

    Recognising that a shortage of content could doom its 3-D push from the start, Sony is likely to launch cameras that give consumers the ability...

  2. Reviews
    Nnew: Camtasia screen recording app comes to the Mac

    TechSmith on Tuesday announced the release of Camtasia for the Mac. It costs $US149 ($A195), though it’s currently available for $US99 ($A125)....

  3. News
    Ghostbusters hits YouTube for 25th anniversary

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters—doesn\'t that make you feel old?—YouTube and Sony have brought the classic comedy to your home...

  4. News
    Analyst: Apple could benefit with Blu-ray Macs

    Apple might be wise to add high-definition Blu-ray support to the next generation of iMacs claims one leading analyst despite the costs.

  5. Reviews
    Review: Turbo.264 HD

    Today’s Macs are miracles of speed and efficiency, but there are particular tasks that can take seemingly forever. One of those tasks is encoding...

  6. Reviews
    New: Versatile VLC media software finally turns 1.0

    February 3, 2001. I was still in college, living abroad in Scotland. The United States was in the first month of the George W. Bush presidency. Gladiator...

  7. Reviews
    Review: Final Draft AV 2.5

    For years, documentary-style film and video makers have struggled to use jury-rigged tables within word processing programs to create the unique...

  8. Reviews
    New: New Harry Potter ships for Mac, other platforms

    Electronic Arts (EA) on Tuesday announced the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, a video game based on the upcoming movie. It debuts...

  9. Reviews
    Mac Gems: Plex media centre software competes with Front Row

    It’s difficult to find a video cataloguing and playback application that rivals the formidable pairing of iTunes and Front Row. But now there’s...

  10. Reviews
    New: Toon Boom Studio 5 released

    Toon Boom Animation has released Toon Boom Studio 5, rebranding and repositioning the animation application as an educational tool for multi-technique...

  11. Reviews
    Mac Gems: VideoDrive makes video file conversions easy

    If you buy or rent movies from the iTunes Store, you’re already using iTunes as your preferred media organiser and player, especially if iTunes...

  12. Help
    Using video playlists on the iPhone/iPod touch

    iTunes has always treated videos differently, and it may not be immediately obvious how to make video playlists. The good news: iTunes does allow...

  13. Blogs
    Xbox 360 service improvements put Apple TV to shame

    Microsoft’s new plans to enhance its Xbox 360 video game console’s potential as a home entertainment hub may ultimately put pressure on Apple...

  14. Help
    Use QuickTime Player to create a video wall

    Have you ever wanted to create a “video wall” on your Mac—that is, fill your screen with a bunch of different video clips, all playing at the...

  15. News
    More Americans play video games than go to movies

    I thought the revelation that video gamers outnumbered cinema goers was old news, but maybe only partly so. According to a new NPD Group report,...

  16. Help
    Mac mini media centre: Configuring Front Row

    In the first part of our look at the digital media capabilities of the Mac mini, I looked at upgrading my $1049 Mac mini as the first step in it...

  17. Help
    HD camcorders: The perfect camcorder

    There’s now a wide variety of affordable HD camcorders on the market, with many fantastic features (see our buyer's guide for all the details). But...

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