1. News 5
    Intel launch could mean new MacBook Pro on 24 April

    Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, which are expected to feature in new MacBook Pros, may ship on 23 April. This could mean a new MacBook Pro could...

  2. News
    MacBook-Air style MacBook Pro to launch in April

    Apple is said to be ramping up production of a MacBook Air-style MacBook Pro, with a new thinner and lighter 15in model set to launch by mid April....

  3. News 1
    Apple ‘considering 14in MacBook Air’

    Apple is reportedly considering launching a 14in version of the MacBook Air, sources in the company’s supply chain have claimed. Digitimes reckons...

  4. News 3
    Happy Birthday Steve

    The late Steve Jobs’ birthday is today – marking 57 years since the Apple founder was born – and while he is not here to celebrate, fans...

  5. News
    New MacBook Air models ‘on the way’

    Apple is preparing to refresh its MacBook Air line-up with a new model, it has been claimed. Digitimes reports that revenue at Quanta Computer, which...

  6. Help
    Will your Mac run OS X Mountain Lion?

    If you’re not already running the developer preview but want to get your hands on OS X Mountain Lion as soon as you can, now is probably a good...

  7. News
    Lack of success for MacBook Air copycats ‘ironic’ – analyst

    Ultrabooks in their current form will fail to revive the portable PC market, according to an analyst at JP Morgan. Mike Moskowitz issued a note to...

  8. Features 3
    Polishing Windows on your Mac

    Call it entrepreneurial spirit or call it overdue enlightenment, but Heidi Holmes was in the mood for something different when she founded Adage,...

  9. Blogs
    Cloudy, with a chance of… well, anything.

    I wrote briefly about the ‘The Cloud’ in my column of July last year, looking primarily at security. But now that Apple’s iCloud is official,...

  10. Help 1
    Function keys

    After acquiring Minecraft and other games for my MacBook I have run into the situation where I need to use the function keys on the keyboard to use...

  11. News
    Apple has ultra-thin 15in MacBook in the works – report

    Apple is reportedly working on a new, ultra-thin 15in MacBook which will be part of the MacBook Air product line. Japanese website Macotakara claims...

  12. Steve Jobs
    Impressive infographic of Steve’s hard work

    This is a great infographic demonstrating all the things Steve Jobs laid his hands on.

  13. News 16
    Education wants Apple on the cheap

    The Victorian state Education Department  has refused to provide teachers with up-to-date Macs because they would cost an additional $1.15 each a...

  14. Help
    Hyper Hard Drive

    I was introduced to Activity Monitor through your Macworld Australia, Mac Basics and Troubleshooting publications. I have an iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook...

  15. News 20
    Bad apple for teachers

    Victorian teachers forced to lease their work computers have now been dealt a double blow by the Education Department, which has said that if they...

  16. Blogs
    Up in the Air

    Why Apple's smallest laptop is the Mac's future

  17. Blogs 3
    Why Windows PCs are losing the race

    The PC world is buzzing lately about how laptop manufacturers are struggling to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air, which has exploded in popularity...

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