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    New: Mac Pro Audio Update cuts performance lag

    A software update usually doesn’t grab much attention—particularly if it’s released in the midst of Macworld Expo. And yet, last week’s...

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    Apple slashes Mac Pro pricing, adds new Mac Pro and Xserve configurations

    If you weren’t swayed by Rob Griffiths’s reasoning that the iMac was now, for many people, a more sensible option than the Mac Pro, you’ll...

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    Outpaced by iMac, where to now for the Mac Pro?

    The latest iteration of Apple’s iMac family has created quite a stir, rocketing to the top of many computer buyers’ must-have lists and...

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    Why go Pro when iMac goes faster?

    The Mac Pro has always been something of a niche product, appealing mainly to those who need vast amounts of internal storage (thanks to its four...

  5. News
    Psystar bails on bankruptcy, promises to ‘battle Goliath’

    Psystar, the Mac clone maker embroiled in a legal dispute with Apple, asked a federal judge last week to dismiss its bankruptcy case, saying that...

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    Mac OS X 10.5.7 adds Radeon HD 4870 support

    Among the many changes in Mac OS X 10.5.7, released Tuesday, is one sure to please Mac Pro owners — support for ATI’s Radeon HD 4870 card.

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    Matrox CompressHD card dramatically improves H.264 encoding speed

    Matrox Video Products Group has announced the CompressHD for Mac, a new PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card that greatly speeds the encoding of H.264...

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    OWC targets new Mac Pro buyers with low-priced RAM bundles

    US-based Mac supplier Other World Computing (OWC) is targeting buyers of new Mac Pro models with RAM upgrade kits that boost total RAM capacity to...

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    Review: Quad-Core and Eight-Core Mac Pros (2009 editions)

    Though you wouldn’t know by looking at it, Apple’s new tower, the Mac Pro, has just received a major overhaul. The two tower models pack a brand-new...

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    Avoiding Mac buyer’s remorse

    Well, who didn’t see that coming? Mere days after I sang a song of praise for my newly purchased top of the line Mac Pro along comes Apple to refresh...

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    Apple jump-starts Nehalem launch for Intel

    Intel hasn’t officially announced the launch of its Xeon quad-core chips featuring the Nehalem microarchitecture, but Apple has started taking...

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    Mini DisplayPort, faster graphics coming to older Mac Pros

    With the introduction of revamped Mac Pros overnight, Apple has also revealed ATI Radeon HD 4870 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro. The graphics card...

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    Apple releases first Mac Pro update in more than a year

    In addition to updating its consumer line of desktops with new Mac mini and iMac models, Apple this morning also gave its high-end desktop an overhaul....

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    My new Mac Pro: Great Mac or the greatest Mac?

    Some of you may not know this, but posting intermittently to Macworld doesn’t support me in the style to which I am accustomed (when I suggested...

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    Review: Apple Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard

    Sporting a dramatically different look and feel from previous Apple keyboards, the new line featured an impressively thin design with MacBook-style...

  16. News
    Apple: No evidence of benzene in Mac Pros

    Apple says it has not seen any evidence to back up a French newspaper’s claim that Mac Pros are emitting toxic odours, including benzene.

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    Cloner’s lesson for Apple

    Psystar, a small company in Florida that hasn't yet opened its offices, made ripples around the tech world last week by saying it would offer a Mac...

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