1. News
    August 14th, 2015 by Roman Loyola
    Apple releases OS X 10.10.5, and iTunes 12.2.2 updates

    Today is operating system update day for Apple users. The company has released updates for both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. There’s also an update...

  2. News
    April 17th, 2015 by Anthony Caruana
    Apple updates Yosemite 10.10.3 update, seeds 10.10.4

    It didn’t take long for a nasty bug to be identified following this week’s update to 10.10.3. The problem causes start up issues and, potentially,...

  3. News
    April 14th, 2015 by Anthony Caruana
    Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor Updated

    Apple has updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor with new features for motion graphics and enhancements to accelerate video editing, packaging...

  4. News
    May 26th, 2014 by Madeleine Swain
    Apple forgets to renew SSL certificate – sarcasm ensues

    ‘Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit’ they tell us, often neglecting to add the second clause of the sentence (attributed to Oscar Wilde,...

  5. Help
    March 27th, 2014 by Kirk McElhearn
    How to use the iTunes Wish List

    In iTunes 11.1.4, Apple made it a lot easier to work with your Wish List, that virtual shopping cart where you can store items you want to buy in...

  6. Help
    March 25th, 2014 by Christopher Breen
    How to dismiss Mac App Store notifications

    Reader David Gilbert, like many of us, is frustrated by Mac App Store update reminders. He writes: “It seems that every time I start up my Mac...

  7. News
    February 27th, 2014 by Macworld Australia Staff
    iTunes 11.1.5 released to the world

    Apple has today released the latest version of iTunes. iTunes 11.1.5 is available now as a free download at the Mac App Store under the ‘Updates’...

  8. Help
    February 12th, 2014 by Macworld Australia Staff
    How to change the country of your Apple accounts

    Apple has posted a new support document for people wanting to change the country of their iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store and/or Mac App Store...

  9. App Guide
    November 24th, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    Muse – Pandora Radio Player

    Do you love Pandora? No, not just enjoy it, but really love it? If so, $5.49 and a Mac buys you Industrious One’s Muse, a desktop Pandora player...

  10. Help
    November 21st, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    How to apply Finder Tags to applications

    Twitter follower Ben Collins (@shaolin108) has a question about Mavericks’ Finder Tags. He tweets: “Can you add Finder Tags to Mac App Store...

  11. App Guide
    November 21st, 2013 by Jonathan Seff, Macworld
    iMovie 10.0.1 update supports older video cards

    Apple released a minor update to its Mavericks-only redesigned video-editing software on Wednesday, focusing on two areas. iMovie 10.0.1 expands...

  12. Reviews
    November 19th, 2013 by Jackie Dove, Macworld
    Intensify 1.0

    Preset-based image editing program offers an impressive array of improvements for your photos. While not a full service editor, it can shorten the...

  13. Help
    November 12th, 2013 by Dan Frakes
    How to make a bootable Mavericks install drive

    Like Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and Lion (OS X 10.7), Mavericks (OS X 10.9) doesn’t ship on a disc – it’s available only as an installer app...

  14. News
    November 4th, 2013 by Gregg Keizer
    Apple’s Mavericks off to strongest ever OS X start

    Apple’s new Mac operating system ended October with an 11 percent user share of all Macs that went online during the month, the strongest start...

  15. Help
    October 24th, 2013 by Serenity Caldwell
    What you need to know about Apple’s free apps policy

    Apple made waves during Tuesday’s media event when the company announced that its iLife and iWork suite would be free for customers who buy a new...

  16. Help
    October 24th, 2013 by Dan Frakes
    How to install Mavericks over Leopard

    As I explained in my guide to installing Mavericks, one of the requirements for installing OS X 10.9 is that you already have at least Snow Leopard...

  17. News
    September 19th, 2013 by Dan Moren
    iTunes 11.1 brings iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle, podcast stations, more

    Just in case the imminent arrival of iOS 7 isn’t enough to get you pumped, Apple’s also gone ahead and released iTunes 11.1. Less exciting,...

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