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    Microsoft: Word legal foe paints cockeyed tale

    Microsoft called the claim by Canadian developer i4i that it plotted to drive the company out of business “distorted,” and “a breathless tale”...

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    Court overturns Microsoft’s $US358 million payment to Alcatel

    Microsoft has won an appeal to overturn a $US358 million ($A450m) award it had been ordered to pay to Alcatel-Lucent in the latest ruling on an ongoing...

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    Microsoft gets reprieve in Word case

    An appeals court has granted Microsoft’s request to put off an injunction that could have forced it to stop selling its Microsoft Word software...

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    Psystar starts selling Mac clones with Snow Leopard

    Mac clone maker Psystar isn’t waiting for a federal judge to give it the green light to sell systems with Apple’s new Snow Leopard operating system,...

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    Mac clone maker sues Apple over Snow Leopard


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    Trade complaint targets iPhone, laptop flash storage

    The U.S. International Trade Commission will investigate flash storage chips used by Apple, Research In Motion, Dell, Asus, Sony, Lenovo and other...

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    Apple exec balks at testifying, Mac clone maker claims

    The Mac clone maker battling with Apple over copyright infringement allegations complained to a federal judge Tuesday that a top Apple executive...

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    Microsoft appeals Word ruling, asks for stay

    Microsoft on Tuesday asked a court to stay an injunction that could put a stop to sales of Microsoft Word.

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    Facebook hit with privacy-violation lawsuit

    Five people have filed a suit against Facebook, charging the social-networking company with violating California privacy laws and false advertising....

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    Psystar to depose Apple engineers, accused of destroying evidence

    It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the spectacle that the Apple v. Psystar case has become. When last we saw the Florida-based clone-maker,...

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    Injunction blocks Microsoft from selling Word

    Wuh oh, Microsoft’s in troooooooouble. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer , the Redmond-based software giant has found itself on the...

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    Judge rules against RealDVD movie copying software

    RealNetworks may have lost its bid to sell software that lets people copy DVD movies to their computer hard drive after a ruling on Tuesday.

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    Reports: RIAA wins $675k in damages from file swapper

    A Boston student has been ordered to pay $US675,000 ($A850,000) to the recording industry for illegal file-sharing, according to reports.

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    Psystar hires new counsel for ongoing Apple dispute

    Psystar, which had trouble paying its last legal team, has lined up new representation in its ongoing dispute with Apple. The Mac clonemaker announced...

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    With fair-use defense rejected, RIAA music piracy trial could end with big fine

    As the closely-watched trial of a Boston University doctoral student accused of music piracy enters its third day in U.S. District Court in Boston,...

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    Apple: Jailbreaking could knock out transmission towers

    Apple has told the U.S. Copyright Office that modifying the iPhone's operating system could crash a mobile phone network's transmission towers or...

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    Second RIAA piracy trial starts

    The Recording Industry Association of America may have decided not to pursue further file-sharing trials as a policy, but one last case is set to...

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