1. News
    Skype, eBay win patent case on appeal

    A federal appeals court has found eBay and Skype have not infringed on two peer-to-peer patents held by Peer Communication, according to Skype’s...

  2. News
    Microsoft, EU reach accord on antitrust

    Microsoft appears to have reached an agreement with the European Commission that concludes an antitrust battle that has lasted a decade, Europe’s...

  3. News
    Apple and others sued over Web browser patent

    If you’ve been keeping up with your technology news over the years, the name Eolas may very well ring some alarm klaxons. The company famously...

  4. News
    Psystar licenses OS X virtualisation technology

    Mac clone-maker Psystar is a bit like the streotypical sitcom character that always comes up with wacky ideas, much to the dismay of the studio...

  5. News
    Google puts The Pirate Bay back in its search index

    Google has restored The Pirate Bay to its search engine index after briefly removing it last week following a copyright infringement complaint.

  6. News
    Apple challenges Woolworths’ logo trademark

    Trademark disputes are part and parcel of any brand’s identity. If you’re not defending your trademark, there’s a good chance that you could...

  7. News
    Apple and Eminem publisher settle lawsuit

    Word on the Detroit streets is that Apple and music publisher Eight Mile Style have reached a deal in the dispute over royalty payments for 93 songs...

  8. News
    Anti-video-game crusader sues Facebook for $50 million

    A long-time critic of the video game industry has sued Facebook for $US40 million ($A50m), saying that the social networking site harmed him by not removing...

  9. News
    Report: Google accused of violating Italian law

    An Italian prosecutor has accused Google of violating Italian and European regulations in the way it handles its e-mail communications, the Corriere...

  10. Blogs
    Judge criticises Apple over Snow Leopard timing in Psystar case

    A federal judge castigated Apple in an order that dismissed a motion the company had made in its ongoing legal battle with Mac clone maker Psystar,...

  11. News
    Eminem publishers v. Apple finally going to trial

    If it came to a choice between Eminem and M&M’s, it’s no contest for me: the chocolate treats in the candy-coated shell win every time. I...

  12. News
    Intel accuses EC of mishandling antitrust evidence

    Intel on Monday sharply criticised the European Commission, which found it guilty of anticompetitive behavior, accusing the regulator of being selective...

  13. News
    Facebook will shut down Beacon to settle lawsuit

    Facebook has agreed to shut down its much maligned Beacon advertising system in order to settle a class-action lawsuit.

  14. News
    DOJ: Court should reject Google book search settlement

    The U.S. Department of Justice has come out against the proposed agreement to settle copyright lawsuits that authors and major publishers filed against...

  15. News
    Second lawsuit threatens Skype sale

    Another legal challenge threatens to derail eBay’s planned sale of Skype to a group of investors, with the filing of a suit against Joost’s...

  16. News
    Report: Skype founders sue Skype

    With a similar legal battle playing out in the U.K., a company owned by Skype’s founders has reportedly filed suit against Skype in the U.S.

  17. News
    Microsoft: Word legal foe paints cockeyed tale

    Microsoft called the claim by Canadian developer i4i that it plotted to drive the company out of business “distorted,” and “a breathless tale”...

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