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    Apple asks judge to shutter Psystar’s clone business

    Apple has asked a federal judge to shut down Psystar’s Mac clone operation and to order the company to pay more than $US2.1 million ($A2.3m) in...

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    ‘Godfather of Spam’ sentenced to four years in prison

    One of the most notorious U.S.-based spammers was sentenced to more than four years in jail on Monday for a scheme that used spam to manipulate...

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    iPhone owners demand to see Apple source code

    iPhone owners charging Apple and AT&T with breaking antitrust laws asked a federal judge this week to force Apple to hand over the iPhone source...

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    What Apple can learn from Psystar

    Movie critic Roger Ebert, a thoughtful and literate man whose well-considered reviews I have read attentively for years, often says that the...

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    EU Ombudsman faults EC’s Intel antitrust ruling

    The European Ombudsman accused the European Commission on Thursday of “maladministration” during its antitrust investigation of Intel, which...

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    Apple beats Psystar: Is it a win for you?

    Mac-clone maker Psystar was dealt a deathblow after a federal judge said the company infringed on Apple's Mac OS X operating system copyright. A...

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    Judge rules in Apple’s favour in Psystar case

    Apple won a key victory in its legal battle with Psystar, as a federal judge has ruled that the clone-maker violated Apple’s copyright when it...

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    Google, plaintiffs blow book search settlement deadline

    Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) need more time to revise the proposed settlement of the copyright infringement...

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    Domain auction site faces shill bidding lawsuit

    A Miami, USA lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against domain name auction site SnapNames.com, after the company announced that a former employee...

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    Lawsuit claims iPhone games stole phone numbers

    Browse the App Store for developer Storm8’s many popular iPhone games, and you’ll encounter the same message over and over again: “The...

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    Skype’s legal storm clears up

    The legal war over Skype has ended. Skype's cofounders, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, have agreed to transfer ownership of the remaining Skype...

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    Psystar begs judge to rule it’s legit

    The Mac clone maker that’s been battling Apple for more than a year in federal court last week asked a judge to rule that its business is legitimate,...

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    Nokia lawsuit seeks a piece of the iPhone pie

    Nokia is taking Apple to court, alleging that the iPhone infringes on 10 different technology patents owned by Nokia. Nokia is entitled to protect...

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    Psystar selling software to run Snow Leopard on generic hardware

    Oh, Psystar. We know you. We lov—well, we put up with you. But still, you continue to let the dream of Mac cloning live on, EULAs, sketchy products,...

  15. News
    Nokia sues Apple over patent infringements

    Cell phone maker Nokia announced this morning that it has filed suit in U.S. Federal District Court in Delaware, alleging that ten (count 'em, ten!)...

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    Pirate Bay appeals postponed until next year

    The appeals of those convicted in April in the high-profile Pirate Bay copyright violations trial won't be heard until next year, the court said on...

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    Apple acknowledges iPod nano overheating in support doc

    Stories of iPod batteries catching on fire are sadly nothing new—we’ve been hearing about them for over a year. But on Friday, Apple published...

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