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    Apple is sued after pressuring open-source iTunes project

    The operator of a technology discussion forum has sued Apple, claiming that the company used U.S. copyright law to curb legitimate discussion of...

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    DVD copying case: Why you should care


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    DVD-ripping court case begins: it’s RealNetworks vs. Hollywood

    RealNetworks and Hollywood studios are squaring off in a U.S. District Court in San Francisco where Judge Marilyn Hall Patel will determine if the...

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    App Store, iTunes come under fire in new lawsuit

    Apple launched the App Store on July 11, 2008 to sell applications to iPhone and iPod users. However, the method the App Store uses to communicate...

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    iPod scammer brought up on federal charges

    Prosecutors have just brought federal charges of fraud and money laundering against Nicholas Arthur Woodhams of Kalamazoo, Michigan,...

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    Apple, AT&T sued for slow 3G speeds

    Apple and AT&T are being sued again for over-promising and under-delivering on their claims of fast Internet access of the iPhone 3G.

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    Apple asks company to stop using ‘Podium’ name

    Lawyers representing Apple’s intellectual property interests sent a cease and desist letter to Procreate over its use of the names Flypod and Podium...

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    Apple facing lawsuit over exploding iPod touch

    A mother from Ohio, USA says her son’s iPod Touch exploded in his pants, caught fire, and left him with serious burns. Now, she’s suing Apple for...

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    Analysis: What’s at stake in the Apple-Psystar case

    Apple and Mac clone maker Psystar spent much of 2008 trading allegations in court filings. And with the companies’ ongoing legal dispute not slated...

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    Apple settles San Francisco store disability lawsuit

    A year and a half ago, a pair of Oakland, California residents filed a lawsuit against Apple, arguing that San Francisco's Stockton Street Apple...

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    Apple sued over screen rendering technology in iPhone

    Apple is facing another iPhone lawsuit, this time focusing on the screen rendering technology Apple uses in the iPhone and iPod touch.

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    Apple faces two more iPhone 3G speed lawsuits

    Apple and AT&T Mobility are facing two new lawsuits claiming the speed and infrastructure of the 3G network is insufficient.

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    Papermaster to start at Apple in April—IBM lawsuit resolved

    It appears that the saga of Mark Papermaster has finally come to an end, as Apple announced on Tuesday that the former IBM vice president would...

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    Settlement reached over scratched 1G iPod nanos

    Cast your mind back to the golden yesteryear of 2005. George W. Bush had started his second term; Million Dollar Baby had come away with the Academy...

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    Mac clone maker Psystar claims it bought OS X from Apple

    The Mac clone maker being sued by Apple because it installs Mac OS X on generic Intel-based systems said it bought copies of the operating system...

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    Google, Apple, Microsoft sued over file preview

    A small Indiana company has sued tech heavyweights Microsoft, Apple, and Google, claiming that it holds the patent on a common file preview feature...

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    Psystar: No conspiracy against Apple

    Mac clone maker Psystar denied it is at the centre of a cabal whose purpose is to steal Apple's intellectual property, documents recently filed...

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