1. News
    Settlement reached over scratched 1G iPod nanos

    Cast your mind back to the golden yesteryear of 2005. George W. Bush had started his second term; Million Dollar Baby had come away with the Academy...

  2. News
    Mac clone maker Psystar claims it bought OS X from Apple

    The Mac clone maker being sued by Apple because it installs Mac OS X on generic Intel-based systems said it bought copies of the operating system...

  3. News
    Google, Apple, Microsoft sued over file preview

    A small Indiana company has sued tech heavyweights Microsoft, Apple, and Google, claiming that it holds the patent on a common file preview feature...

  4. News
    Psystar: No conspiracy against Apple

    Mac clone maker Psystar denied it is at the centre of a cabal whose purpose is to steal Apple's intellectual property, documents recently filed...

  5. News
    Opti claims victory over Apple in patent hearing

    We're not sure how we overlooked this one, but late last week, Opti apparently "won" a patent hearing over Apple in the Eastern District of Texas....

  6. Blogs
    Psystar amends complaint with copyright misuse charges

    If at first you don’t succeed, change your tactics. That seems to be Psystar’s plan in its suit against Apple. The little clone company that could...

  7. News
    Argentina-based OpeniMac now selling Mac clones

    Psystar may be happy going to court to defend its brilliant plan of making Mac clones, but it should be even happier that it's paved the way for...

  8. News
    Apple faces another 3G speed lawsuit

    Apple is facing another lawsuit claiming it misrepresented the data speed of its iPhone 3G.

  9. News
    Apple, AT&T ask court to dismiss 3G speed lawsuit

    In separate claims filed with the court, Apple and AT&T have asked that the lawsuit brought against the companies by Avi Koschitzki be dismissed....

  10. News
    Apple seeks backers of Psystar in amended complaint

    The legal wrangling between Apple and Mac clone-maker Psystar is heating up this week. Documents filed with the court this week show that Apple...

  11. News
    IBM wants info from Apple execs in Papermaster case

    IBM has asked for information from several unnamed senior officials at Apple as part of the discovery process in the lawsuit to block a former executive...

  12. News
    Judge: Apple’s new VP could cause ‘irreparable harm’ to IBM

    A federal judge ordered Apple's newest executive to leave the company just five days after starting work because he might cause "irreparable harm"...

  13. Blogs
    Apple sued over iPhone’s mobile browsing

    Please, stop the madness: The field of patent lawsuits has gotten out of control. Do it for the (patent-pending) children. The latest bizarre patent...

  14. News
    $7.9 million lawsuit charges Apple with fraud over 3G speeds

    A new lawsuit filed this week against Apple and AT&T charge the companies with a host of offenses related to the speed of the 3G network and...

  15. News
    Psystar case reveals Apple’s shaky e-mail retention policy

    Apple has sold enterprise-class storage hardware and software for years, but the company has yet to embrace systematic e-mail and document retention...

  16. News
    Judge dismisses Psystar antitrust lawsuit against Apple

    Judge William Alsup dismissed a Psystar lawsuit against Apple alleging the company violated US federal and state antitrust laws.

  17. News
    Apple sued for hairline cracks in the iPhone

    A lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T on November 4, 2008, charging misrepresentation of the 3G speed of the iPhone on AT&T’s network,...

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