1. Reviews
    July 2nd, 2014 by Adam Turner
    LaCie Fuel

    The LaCie Fuel is a central storage tank for your multimedia library, so you don’t need to load up all your gadgets with movies and music before...

  2. Security
    June 25th, 2014 by Anthony Caruana
    Mac backup and data recovery

    It’s every computer user’s worst nightmare – data loss. It can happen in a number of ways. Your Mac, iPhone or iPad could be stolen. Or they...

  3. Workflow
    May 8th, 2014 by Adam Turner & Anthony Caruana
    GROUP TEST: Eight of the best NAS drives

    Looking to store all of your media, files and backups in one accessible place? A network attached storage (NAS) drive is a great option. But what...

  4. News
    April 17th, 2014 by Ian Paul
    LaCie warns hackers may have customer info, credit cards after year-long breach

    Seagate-owned LaCie fessed up on Tuesday to a major security breach that put sensitive customer information at risk for nearly a year. The hard...

  5. Gadget Guide
    January 9th, 2014 by Joel Mathis
    LaCie Fuel

    The $249 LaCie Fuel adds 1 TB of storage to your iPad by providing what’s essentially a Wi-Fi NAS for your iOS devices. Specifically, it provides...

  6. News
    January 8th, 2014 by Agam Shah
    LaCie brings 1TB of wireless storage to iPad, iPhone

    Apple’s iPhone and iPad users will now be able to add 1TB of external storage with LaCie’s new Fuel wireless hard drive. LaCie’s Fuel allows...

  7. Reviews
    May 12th, 2013 by Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
    LaCie CloudBox

    LaCie’s CloudBox has changed quite a bit since 2011. The original version of the CloudBox only provided 100GB of hard drive storage, but included...

  8. Reviews
    February 15th, 2013 by Anthony Caruana
    Group Test: Desktop storage

    We all know how important it is to back up our data, but which hard drive does the better job for your needs? We take a look at four current models...

  9. Reviews
    February 10th, 2013 by Anthony Caruana
    LaCie d2 USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series

    As soon as you extract the LaCie d2 USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series from the box, you know you’re using something more than an ‘el cheapo’ drive....

  10. Reviews
    December 31st, 2012 by Adam Turner
    LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt series

    Rough, tough and lightning fast, LaCie’s Rugged USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt series is a real pocket rocket. LaCie’s Rugged range is designed to...

  11. Reviews
    December 7th, 2012 by Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
    LaCie Porsche Design P’9223 Slim

    Apple’s belated adoption of USB 3.0 in the latest Macs and MacBooks is good news for Mac users, as it means that we no longer have to pay over the...

  12. Gadget Guide
    November 15th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    LaCie PetiteKey

    LaCie’s iamaKey – the USB stick that looks like a key – has grown up. Or, at least, it’s grown smaller. The PetiteKey is now 30 percent...

  13. Reviews
    September 23rd, 2012 by Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
    LaCie Porsche P’9230 desktop drive

    Apple hasn’t put USB 3 on any of its desktop Macs yet, but it can still be useful to have a nice big desktop drive waiting back at home or in your...

  14. Reviews
    September 17th, 2012 by Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
    LaCie Rugged Key USB memory stick

    Cloud storage services such as Dropbox – and, of course, Apple’s own iCloud – make it easy to store your important files online and gain access...

  15. News
    August 6th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Seagate finalises purchase of shares in LaCie, holds controlling interest

    Storage manufacturer Seagate has secured  its acquisition for controlling interest in peer storage maker LaCie, following the completion of a share...

  16. Gadget Guide
    August 4th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    LaCie RuggedKey

    The latest rugged USB drive to come from LaCie is designed to protect your data from heat, cold and water, and survive a drop from 100m. The USB 3.0...

  17. News
    May 24th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Seagate to acquire LaCie for US$186 million

    Hard drive manufacturer Seagate Technology announced an exclusive agreement to acquire a controlling interest in LaCie. Seagate has agreed to purchase...

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