1. News
    April 8th, 2015 by Tania Cao
    Dallas Buyers Club wins, ISPs to out pirates

    The producers of the award-winning Hollywood blockbuster film, Dallas Buyers Club have won the Australian court battle to force ISPs to divulge details...

  2. Features
    September 7th, 2013 by Joe Kisell
    Mac Emergency! Part 2: fast fixes for the most common Mac problems

    Can’t Get Online If your web browser, your email program or any of a hundred other internet-connected apps on your Mac start complaining about...

  3. Press Release
    March 15th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    iiNet packs freedom and flexibility into its plans

    15 March 2012: iiNet, Australia’s second largest DSL broadband provider, has announced it will switch to ‘anytime quota’ on selected plans today,...

  4. Press Release
    December 12th, 2011 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Grandma connects better with the BoBsquad

    New research by iiNet finds nearly half of older Australians struggle to set up their technical devices  12 December 2011 – Sydney, Australia –...

  5. Press Release
    July 4th, 2011 by Macworld Australia Staff
    iiNet spruiks the importance of passwords and PC protection

    July 1 2011: iiNet, Australia’s second largest DSL service provider, has released another installment of its online safety series, urging members...

  6. Press Release
    June 16th, 2011 by Macworld Australia Staff
    iiNet celebrates its 500,000th broadband port in Gosford

    16 June 2011: iiNet has installed its 500,000th broadband port in Gosford NSW today, marking a significant milestone in the Internet service provider’s...

  7. News
    iiNet buys Netspace

    iiNet announced today that it has bought rival internet service provider Netspace for $40 million. iiNet began as a small internet service provider...

  8. News
    Google to build ultra high-speed networks in the US

    In its continuing quest to speed up the Internet, Google has decided to build what it calls “ultra high-speed” broadband networks in some parts...

  9. News
    FCC’s McDowell: Net neutrality would face legal challenge

    If the U.S. Federal Communications Commission adopts broad new net neutrality regulations, the agency’s authority to do so will be challenged...

  10. News
    RIAA tells FCC: ISPs need to be copyright cops

    The Federal Communications Commission should avoid adopting strict net neutrality rules that would limit broadband providers’ flexibly to “address”...

  11. News
    European ISPs lash out at secret ACTA negotiationsp

    Secretive international trade negotiations intended to clamp down on counterfeiting risk undermining the openness and innovation-friendly nature...

  12. News
    Norway group takes The Pirate Bay to court

    A trial began in Norway on Monday in which the entertainment industry wants a major service provider to block access to The Pirate Bay, a BitTorrent...

  13. Blogs
    FCC net neutrality proposal is ‘dramatic shift’ in policy

    U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s decision to seek to formalise net neutrality rules would either bring “unconstitutional”...

  14. News
    FCC chairman calls for formal net neutrality rules

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will move to create formal net neutrality rules prohibiting Internet providers from selectively blocking...

  15. Help
    Beginners start here: e-mail configuration problems

    For both incoming and outgoing mail we need to know the mail server, whether the connection is established via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, a form...

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