1. News
    May 29th, 2015 by Anthony Caruana
    Pixelmator expands to iPhone, adds to Photoshop-killer cred

    Pixelmator is one of the first applications we install on every new Mac we either buy or road test. Earlier this year, Pixelmator was released for...

  2. News
    May 7th, 2013 by Jackie Dove, Macworld
    Photoshop moves to Creative Cloud, merges Photoshop Extended

    When it comes to image editing, Adobe Photoshop is in a class by itself. Despite its humble beginnings as a plug-in to a long-defunct commercial scanner,...

  3. News
    November 30th, 2012 by Mark Hattersley
    Adobe Photoshop Touch now optimised for iPad mini

    Adobe has released an update to its Photoshop Touch software designed to optimise the product for smaller tablet devices, in particular the iPad mini...

  4. App Guide
    January 23rd, 2012 by Chris McVeigh, TechHive
    Pixelmator 2.0

    Challengers to Adobe’s photo editing software are few and far between these days, and many who step into the ring with the behemoth are knocked...

  5. App Guide
    January 16th, 2012 by Ross Catanzariti

    PicFrame by ActiveDevelopment is a simple and easy-to-use app that lets you create and share customised photo collages. While PicFrame is certainly...

  6. News
    January 12th, 2012 by Ben Camm-Jones
    Name change: Adobe Carousel now Revel

    Adobe Carousel has been officially renamed Adobe Revel. The subscription-based photo editing and sharing application was only launched in October...

  7. News
    January 11th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 4 beta

    Keeping its tradition of releasing a free public beta of its professional photo management software in advance of a major new version, Adobe has announced...

  8. App Guide
    December 25th, 2011 by Alexandra Chang

    Chances are, you’ve taken more than a few photos littered with unwanted objects – or even people – that you’d rather remove from the scene....

  9. Gadget Guide
    November 9th, 2011 by Grace Robinson
    iPersonalised customised smartphone cases

    Customise your phone with a printed case featuring a treasured photo or favourite image. To get started, jump onto the iPersonalised website and upload...

  10. App Guide
    October 31st, 2011 by Jeff Phillips
    Photo Academy for iPhone

    As someone who takes his camera virtually everywhere, I often come across new shooting situations, and look for fresh sources of inspiration. Photo...

  11. News
    October 28th, 2011 by Jackie Dove, Macworld
    Pixelmator 2.0 features host of new features

    The Pixelmator Team has launched Pixelmator 2.0, an upgrade of its consumer image editor, which is widely viewed as an alternative to Adobe Photoshop...

  12. App Guide
    October 24th, 2011 by Sam Gilbey
    Corel Painter 12

    Long-favoured by digital artists with a penchant for realistic painterly (and other natural  media) techniques, the burning question is does this...

  13. Help
    October 3rd, 2011 by Megan Geuss
    Get feedback on your photos

    The great folly of expensive cameras is that they don’t take amazing pictures by themselves. Naturally, new photographers will want to hone their...

  14. App Guide
    October 3rd, 2011 by Lex Friedman

    Photorealistic images are so passé these days. Like much of the online world, my Macworld colleagues and I have embraced the trend of sharing low-fi...

  15. Reviews
    September 23rd, 2011 by Peter Kim
    Adobe Premiere Elements 10

    A video editor is still seen as a specialist tool, but the capacity and desire to make and edit videos these days is pretty widespread. You might...

  16. News
    September 21st, 2011 by Lex Friedman
    Instagram 2.0 adds new features

    Instagram on Tuesday unveiled version 2.0 of its popular photo-sharing app. The update adds new filters, live filter previews, instant tilt-shift...

  17. App Guide
    August 29th, 2011 by Jeff Phillips
    Simply B&W

    Lets face it, some photos just look better in black and white. Heck, I think almost everything looks better in black and white. OK, I confess, black-and-white...

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