1. News
    July 3rd, 2014 by Dan Moren
    Increased Messages security leaves iChat, third-party IM clients by the wayside

    Sometimes there’s no choice but to let go of the past. Case in point, those with AOL Instant Messenger accounts based on their Mac.com and Me.com...

  2. News
    Apple unresponsive to iPhone IM app developer

    Sometimes radio silence is a good thing. For example, say you’re planning on defecting to the U.S. with an experimental military submarine—that would...

  3. Help
    Top iChat etiquette tips

    The popularity of instant messaging has grown exponentially in the past decade, but the communication platform’s immediacy presents users with...

  4. cat-iPhone
    Review: Yahoo Messenger for iPhone

    Yahoo Messenger is one of the more popular chat clients, boasting millions upon millions of users. Connecting and communicating with those multitudes...

  5. cat-iPhone
    Review: Fring for iPhone

    Sometimes chatting with your friends and colleagues on the Internet can feel like tracking down a great diaspora across continents and seas, with...

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