1. cat-iPhone
    Organizer for iPhone

    It’s hard to beat a paper day planner for ease of use, though few of us can justify carrying one when our phones can keep track of our appointments....

  2. Reviews
    Mac Gems: WeatherCal 1.0

    There are plenty of ways Mac users can get the latest weather forecast. For example, Mac OS X includes its own weather widget for Dashboard, and...

  3. News
    Fliq sharing app sends tasks, files

    Mark/Space has released Fliq 2.0, a new version of its cross-platform info sharing utility for Macs and PCs. A free update for registered users,...

  4. Help
    Dealing with iCal and Entourage duplicates

    Suppose you use Microsoft Office’s Entourage to maintain your list of contacts and calendar appointments? Further suppose you wish to sync these...

  5. Help
    Modify iCal events in 10.5 via drag-and-drop

    As much as I dislike the event info window in OS X 10.5’s version of iCal—I dislike it enough that it made my list of Leopard annoyances—anything I...

  6. News
    iCalScreenSaver displays iCal appointments

    Information Appliance Associates on Tuesday released PocketMac iCalScreenSaver, a screensaver for Mac OS X. It costs $US9.95.

  7. Blogs
    Leopard’s year-old annoyances

    One year ago today, Mac OS X 10.5 (aka Leopard) hit the streets. One of the main sales pitches for Leopard concerned its 300-plus new features, and...

  8. News
    Nova media iSync plug-ins support 200+ phones

    Nova media on Friday announced the release of iSync plug-ins 7.1, an update to their add-on for Apple’s iSync software. iSync plug-ins costs €9.95...

  9. Reviews
    Review: Bento 2

    The debut version of FileMaker’s Bento offered users an interesting product, but reviewers and users complained about the program’s limitations....

  10. Help
    Set iCal default alarms well in advance

    One of the new features in the OS X 10.5 version of iCal is the ability to add a default alarm when you create a new event. But what if you’d like...

  11. Help
    Edit Mail’s data detector iCal events directly in iCal

    If you’re running OS X 10.5, you’re probably aware of the new “data detectors” feature in Mail (and in iChat via a Terminal command). Data...

  12. News
    Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.4

    Apple this morning released Mac OS X 10.5.4 fixing several issues with iCal, AirPort, Safari, and Spaces & Exposé. AirPort has been updated...

  13. Reviews
    Today 1.1

    Love or hate Microsoft Entourage 2008 — and there are plenty of people in each camp — one of Entourage’s popular new features is...

  14. News
    iCal bugs disclosed

    Critical vulnerabilities remain in Apple’s iCal calendar program, a security company said in an advisory that showed months of back-and-forth...

  15. Blogs
    Show us your Dock

    What does the contents of your Dock say about you? Perhaps it's just a collection of the tools you use a lot. Or maybe you don't bother. A friend...

  16. Blogs
    Cloud computing

    There are two superb applications for Mac that make taking the plunge and doing e-mail and calendaring online vastly easier. I’ve finally decided...

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