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    June 15th, 2011 by Patrick Miller
    The HDTV specs that matter

    TV manufacturers love to throw around impressive sounding specs, like contrast ratio and response time. But it’s often hard to figure out just what...

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    YouTube adds 1080p HD

    The world’s most popular video-sharing site is planning to offer content in all of its high-resolution glory. YouTube announced that it will allow...

  3. Reviews
    Review: Turbo.264 HD

    Today’s Macs are miracles of speed and efficiency, but there are particular tasks that can take seemingly forever. One of those tasks is encoding...

  4. News
    QuickTime video goes pro as JVC ditches tape

    JVC has given another strong signal that tape-based video is on its way out, after its professional division announced a pair of new video cameras...

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    QuickTime update allows SD movies on external displays


  6. News
    EFF: Apple DisplayPort DRM will lead to more piracy

    When Apple released its new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, as well as updated MacBook Air models, one feature of those latest laptops touted by Apple...

  7. News
    Jobs: ‘Blu-ray is a bag of hurt’

    Apple has no immediate plans to deploy Blu-ray in its Macs, citing the cost of licensing as cause.

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    Review: Sony HDR-TG1

    Traditionally, still point-and-shoot cameras, not video cameras, were pocket sized. But Sony are out to debunk that theory if the new Sony HDR-TG1...

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    Hi-def war is over

    Astute readers will have noticed that we didn’t manage to complete our scheduled review of high definition DVD burners. Yet. Now that Toshiba...

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