1. News
    July 11th, 2014 by Dan Moren
    Apple update: iTunes Extras for HD movies on Mac, Apple TV

    Extra, extra, read watch all about it! Apple has released iTunes 11.3, with one very significant update: iTunes Extras for HD movies. And with the...

  2. Help
    October 22nd, 2013 by Kirk McElhearn
    Deal with WAV files and combine random tracks into albums

    In a grab-bag column this week, I answer some questions about tagging a bunch of singles as an album, and I discuss tagging WAV files in iTunes. I...

  3. Gadget Guide
    April 2nd, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Optrix XD5

    This ultra-rugged, ‘camera optimising system’ is an iPhone 5 case that enables users to record wide-angle HD videos while protecting the...

  4. App Guide
    January 18th, 2013 by Joel Mathis
    Write 2 for iOS

    The $2.99 Write 2 HD note-taking app for iPhone and iPad is a solid offering: it gives users basic note taking and text-creation options, but it...

  5. News
    October 24th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Apple event: Fusion drive combines hard drive and flash memory

    Among its numerous announcements today Apple introduced its new Fusion Drive technology. The Fusion Drive, which is available as an option on the...

  6. App Guide
    October 15th, 2012 by Lex Friedman
    Audio Essentials for Mac

    I’m not an audio purist. My desire is that whatever I’m listening to should sound good, where “good” is defined somewhat subjectively as “pleasing...

  7. Reviews
    September 13th, 2012 by Tim Moynihan
    Samsung WB850F

    A few years ago, a pocketable camera loaded with this many features would impossible to find. The Samsung WB850F boasts a 21X-optical-zoom lens,...

  8. App Guide
    June 28th, 2012 by Nick Broughall
    Prince of Persia Classic HD

    It may have been 23 years since the original Prince of Persia 2D platformer made its way onto the Apple II, but age hasn’t done it any harm. This...

  9. App Guide
    June 12th, 2012 by Jeff Merron
    Schedule Planner Pro

    Schedule Planner Pro HD is an app for the iPad that enables you to keep a calendar and also track time spent on tasks, appointments and so on. Schedule...

  10. News
    June 10th, 2012 by Ashleigh Allsopp
    iPhone 5 to have HD front-facing camera

    The next-generation iPhone could have a HD front-facing camera and thinner rear camera. That’s according to KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, who told investors...

  11. Reviews
    May 26th, 2012 by Matt Tuffin
    Panasonic HDC-HS900

    The world of 3D is infecting our cinemas, televisions and digital cameras as well as our camcorders, with the appearance of Panasonic’s latest range....

  12. Reviews
    May 23rd, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Swann Freestyle HD

    If you’re mulling over which camera to buy to show off your extreme sports exploits, Swann has made your choice harder with its Freestyle HD....

  13. News
    May 9th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    HD TV shows now available on Australian iTunes Store

    Apple has finally made HD TV shows available for users to download on the Australian iTunes Store, after the March 7 release of the HD capable third-generation...

  14. News
    March 19th, 2012 by Jason Snell
    Comixology puts HD comics on the new iPad

    Digital comics are about to get a whole lot better: Comixology, publishers of the most popular comics-reading app on iOS, is about to roll out a new...

  15. Blogs
    March 5th, 2012 by Jonathan Seff, Macworld
    Will Apple embrace 1080 video?

    In all likelihood, Apple’s media event on March 7 will introduce a new iPad. We’ve even speculated what we might expect from next week’s...

  16. Reviews
    September 18th, 2011 by Tim Grey
    Fetch TV

    IPTV set-top box.

  17. Reviews
    September 5th, 2011 by Tim Grey
    Sony BRAVIA KDL-40EX720

    Full-HD 3D television (KDL-40EX720).

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