1. App Guide
    July 15th, 2014 by Marco Tabini
    App Factory

    One of OS X’s strengths has always been that it combines a great graphical user interface with the underlying power of UNIX – a power that extends...

  2. Help
    June 4th, 2014 by Christopher Breen and Dan Frakes
    Getting familiar with Family Sharing

    Family Sharing, a feature due to debut with Mac OS X Yosemite, should bring a measure of sanity to households full of Apple devices. The idea behind...

  3. Features
    March 5th, 2014 by Roman Loyola
    Mac Buying Guide – How to pick the right computer

    Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking about buying a new Mac, and you may be in need of a little guidance. Fortunately,...

  4. Features
    February 19th, 2014 by Dan Frakes
    Listen up: Our guide to the best audio gear

    The iPhone comes with a pretty good set of earbuds (as earbuds go), but you can get much better sound quality, and likely better comfort, by upgrading...

  5. App Guide
    December 13th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Assassin’s Creed: Pirates for iOS

    The iOS spin-off of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the latest in Ubisoft’s ongoing Assassin’s Creed console saga, is a thrilling...

  6. App Guide
    October 28th, 2013 by Jackie Dove, Macworld
    Pixelmator 3.0 (Mac)

    Layer styles, layer effects, liquify tools and a brand-new image-editing engine highlight the new features in Pixelmator 3.0 FX, a major upgrade...

  7. App Guide
    October 18th, 2013 by Marco Tabini
    Launch Center Pro 2.0 (iOS)

    A few months ago, I noticed that the Phone app was gone from my iPhone’s home screen. I honestly do not remember moving it — one day, I simply...

  8. Help
    October 1st, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    Automator workflow of the month: Automate kiosk presentations

    Increasingly we find video monitors in offices and stores that play looping slideshows. All too often these things must either be started by the first...

  9. Help
    August 17th, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    Getting started with iPhoto

    After some 42 lessons, we’ve tackled most of the parts of OS X that are relevant to new Mac users. But, as they say in the late-night-commercial...

  10. Help
    March 17th, 2013 by Dave Johnson, TechHive
    Get the most from your smartphone camera

    If you own a smartphone, your digital SLR or compact digital camera probably collects a lot of dust these days; it’s just so much more convenient...

  11. App Guide
    March 12th, 2013 by Nathan Alderman
    MailForge 3 for Mac

    If you used email in the late ‘90s or early 2000s, odds are you are familiar with Eudora. Even after its maker Qualcomm officially decommissioned...

  12. Help
    March 12th, 2013 by Matt Smith, TechHive
    How to migrate from Android to iPhone

    Though Android’s global market share is intimidating, two other numbers are enlightening: 22 percent of Android users eventually switch to an iPhone,...

  13. Help
    March 3rd, 2013 by Derrick Story, Macworld
    The 7-step edit in Aperture 3.4

    Image editors are packed with plenty of adjustment tools. Most of us learn a few of them, and then do the best we can with our photos. And that’s...

  14. Help
    March 1st, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    Mac 101: Configuring Mountain Lion’s Users & Groups

    Throughout these Mac 101 lessons I’ve made references to your user folder, your account, and Administrators. And it’s possible that you’ve...

  15. Gadget Guide
    February 19th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    My Best Friend is a Bag Leather Laptop Sleeve

    With its structured shape, back pocket, tassel feature and Batik-inspired lining, this new breed of laptop bag toes the line between fashion accessory...

  16. Gadget Guide
    February 13th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Quirky Crossover for iPhone 5

    The Crossover is a two-piece case that uses silicone straps to help you secure all sorts of gear to your iPhone 5 while keeping your handset safe....

  17. Gadget Guide
    February 11th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    BooqPad mini

    The BooqPad mini is a top-notch office carryall for Apple’s most recent entry in the tablet market. The slim-form case features a snap-button closure...

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