1. Help
    March 31st, 2011 by Rob Beattie
    Music lessons with Garageband

    GarageBand ’11 comes with a number of new features that have been designed to help beginners become more proficient at playing instruments such...

  2. News
    March 16th, 2011 by James Galbraith
    Lab Report: iPad 2 battery life and GarageBand speed tests

    Apple contends its newly released iPad 2 improves upon the performance of its original tablet—a claim Macworld’s iPad 2 review backed up. And...

  3. App Guide
    March 11th, 2011 by Christopher Breen

    GarageBand ’11, part of Apple’s iLife suite, is a versatile application. With it, you can create musical scores by stringing together audio loops,...

  4. News
    March 7th, 2011 by Macworld Staff
    iOS 4.3, GarageBand, and iMovie: What you need to know

    Alongside the new iPad 2, Apple on Wednesday also discussed the latest revision to its mobile operating system, iOS 4.3, and new iOS versions of its...

  5. Reviews
    November 5th, 2010 by Christopher Breen
    GarageBand ’11

    GarageBand, the musical component of iLife, has long been the application of choice for many podcasters and Mac musicians. Regrettably – but unsurprisingly...

  6. Blogs
    October 15th, 2010 by David Chartier
    Imagining iLife ’11

    We know for a fact that the next major release of Mac OS X will play a prominent role in Apple’s October press event. The company told us as much...

  7. Help
    July 26th, 2010 by David Weiss
    Perfect your pitch in GarageBand ’09

    Often, when you’ve recorded something that’s out of tune, you’ve just got to record it again. But before you do, try fixing it in GarageBand...

  8. Help
    July 5th, 2010 by David Weiss
    Six ways to speed up GarageBand

    GarageBand may look simple, but beneath its uncluttered surface you’ll find tons of sounds and features that will keep you busy for months. Here...

  9. Help
    Edit like a pro in GarageBand ’09

    Unlike Apple’s Logic Pro or Logic Express digital audio workstation software, GarageBand ’09 is not set up for precisely editing the audio...

  10. Reviews
    Update: New GarageBand Lessons include Rush, John Legend

    Today’s Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you, and the space he invades is your personal computer. Well, if you’re using GarageBand ’09, anyway....

  11. Reviews
    Review: Logic Studio

    Digital music workstation software can include an encyclopedic array of functionality. But when it comes to using these tools creatively in music...

  12. Reviews
    Update: Apple releases GarageBand 5.1 update

    Late on Monday afternoon, Apple released a hefty update to its GarageBand 5 software, which is part of the iLife ‘09 suite. The 139MB update to Apple’s...

  13. Blogs
    Profile: Logic Studio versus GarageBand

    With GarageBand, Apple has done a lot for musicians seeking an affordable and easy-to-use package. Using the music creation software from the...

  14. Reviews
    First look: iPlayMusic Chords for iTunes

    You may recall that when Apple announced iLife ’09 last summer, it made a biggish deal about GarageBand ’09’s Learn to Play feature that provided...

  15. News
    Apple adds new artist lessons to GarageBand

    Apple added several new artist lessons to its GarageBand Lesson Store on Wednesday, bringing the total number of lessons available for purchase...

  16. Blogs
    My time with Tim

    Procrastination is my strong suit—any Macworld editor who’s ever given me a deadline will readily agree, I suspect. (Editor’s Note: Nodding...

  17. Blogs
    Meet GarageBand’s music teacher

    Apple’s got a fondness for using real people to demonstrate its products, whether it be in its advertisements or in the video tutorials it posts....

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