1. Reviews
    NEW: OWC intros USB 2.0 Display Adapter

    Other World Computing (OWC) on Tuesday announced the release of the USB 2.0 Display Adapter, a device that makes it possible to connect an additional...

  2. Reviews
    Review: Dell G2210: Backlit display made using recycled materials

    Dell has tapped into the current focus on the economy and the environment by producing the G2210, a 22-inch backlit LED display designed for both...

  3. News
    20-inch Cinema Display disappears from Apple Store

    Apple has apparently dropped another model from its line of LCD displays, with the 20-inch Cinema Display disappearing from the company’s US online...

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    Apple sued over screen rendering technology in iPhone

    Apple is facing another iPhone lawsuit, this time focusing on the screen rendering technology Apple uses in the iPhone and iPod touch.

  5. Blogs
    Six years with an Apple Cinema Display

    Often when sharing my opinions here, I choose to discuss things that I think Apple has done wrong—from the original implementation of Spotlight...

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    Users report problems with Apple display adapter

    Owners of the latest MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models can connect their laptops to 30-inch displays using Apple's $149 Mini DisplayPort...

  7. News
    Getting touchy with the 24-inch LED Cinema Display

    Troll Touch on Monday announced the availability of an integrated touch screen for the Apple 24-inch LED Cinema Display. It’s available for $US2299...

  8. Reviews
    Review: Epson EH-DM2: Pick a wall, any wall

    It was only when I began watching a movie on the ceiling that I came to appreciate how a home theatre projector – one of a class of products that...

  9. Reviews
    Review: Apple LED Cinema Display

    Apple’s new LED Cinema Display is the company’s first display designed specifically for use with its laptop line. The new display looks a lot...

  10. News
    Apple licenses Mini DisplayPort for free

    The Mini DisplayPort is a video output interface found on new Apple laptops. So far, Apple is the only company to support it on shipping products,...

  11. News
    Apple unveils new 24-inch LED Cinema Display

    Apple didn’t just unveil remodeled laptops at its overnight press event; the company also added a 24-inch LED monitor to its Cinema Display offerings,...

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