1. News
    February 16th, 2015 by Fred O'Connor and James Niccolai
    Apple is said to recruit engineers for car development project

    Rumours that Apple is developing a car have been met with a world of scepticism, but two news reports Friday suggest there’s something to the...

  2. News
    April 3rd, 2013 by Dan Moren
    Reeder developer promises further development post-Google Reader

    The impact of this winter’s Google Reader shutdown is being felt in the Apple ecosphere too. Developer Silvio Rizzi announced on Monday that despite...

  3. News
    February 14th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Analyst predicts Apple TV, iPhone roadmap

    Jefferies & Co.’s analyst Peter Misek has released an Apple roadmap of his product predictions for the Cupertino-based company in a report issued...

  4. News
    January 22nd, 2013 by Karen Haslam
    Apple to open R&D in China?

    Apple is said to be planning to open a Research and Development centre in Shanghai. According to a Cnet China report, via AppleInsider, the three-building...

  5. News
    January 21st, 2013 by Karen Haslam
    iPod inventor says Apple has winning recipe for developing products

    Father of the iPod Tony Fadell has compared the difference between designing new products at Apple and Philips. Fadell was hired by Philips in 1995,...

  6. News
    January 7th, 2013 by Jared Newman
    Google still working on Project Glass features

    Nine months after Google announced its “Project Glass” glasses, the search giant is still deciding on features. Babak Parviz, head of...

  7. Features
    December 13th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    On the record: iBGStar on the rise

    Diabetes is fast becoming a global epidemic, and there are an estimated 1.7 million Australians living with the condition. Like any chronic illness,...

  8. Features
    November 5th, 2012 by Benj Edwards
    The Apple family tree: Apple platforms through the years

    If you asked someone to name Apple’s computer platforms, you’d probably get three answers: Apple II, Mac, and iOS. But the true history of Apple’s...

  9. Features
    October 10th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Q&A: Chatting with Disney about hit iOS game Where’s My Water?

    Disney’s hit mobile game Where’s My Water? has dominated the App Store’s charts since coming to iOS a little over a year ago. The physics-based...

  10. News
    May 1st, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Game on for Aussie kids’ education

    Australian parents and children are playing more video games together at home, with teachers adopting similar practices in classrooms to promote engagement...

  11. Blogs
    April 27th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Scent of Apple: Q&A with the artists behind MacBook Pro fragrance

    Earlier this month we reported that Melbourne based artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn of Greatest Hits had teamed up with with Air...

  12. Features
    April 25th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Q&A: Dev-Audio talks about Microcone, iOS and why Android comes second

    Dev-Audio– Australian audio company – are kicking all sorts of goals with their product designs, ranging from hardware recording devices to accompanying...

  13. News
    January 24th, 2012 by Macworld Australia Staff
    The Wiggles’ new adventure comes to iPad

    Australia’s beloved children’s entertainers, The Wiggles, have  released an alphabet-themed app for iPad, targeted at children from two to six...

  14. Features
    January 20th, 2012 by Serenity Caldwell
    Hands on with iBooks Author

    At today’s education event, Apple put glee into the heart of every ebook publisher when it unveiled iBooks Author, the company’s new ebook...

  15. Features
    December 22nd, 2011 by Jared Newman
    Six Google projects inspired by sci-fi

    Google has never been afraid to experiment, but lately the company’s curiosities have turned toward the extreme. Unconfirmed reports of sci-fi...

  16. News
    November 6th, 2011 by Dan Moren
    Siri outage leaves users disconnected

    Siri may be the most prominent feature on the iPhone 4S, but in truth it’s only partly ‘on’ your phone, as a network-related outage...

  17. News
    November 4th, 2011 by Grace Robinson
    Exclusive: Apple ‘was Steve Jobs’ therapy’

    Steve Jobs founded Apple from a desire to prove his self worth and overcome a personal struggle with being adopted, according to Jobs’ college...

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