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    October 20th, 2012 by Christopher Breen
    Mac 101: All about windows

    If you’ve just come to the Mac from a PC you may have wondered where Microsoft got the name “Windows” for its operating system. Without delving...

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    Beginners Start Here: A Mac troubleshooter’s toolkit

    As a Mac consultant and troubleshooter who has exposure to the Dark Side occasionally, I feel that the Mac is easier to troubleshoot and support than...

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    Beginners start here: Time Machine Exclusions

    Time Machine has revolutionised backups on the Mac - but there are some issues around how it operates which can see backup drives fill up quickly,...

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    Beginners Start Here: What’s so good about Unix, anyway?

    In an earlier piece I wrote about Mac OS X's Unix foundations which talked more about how that Unix underbelly is obfuscated rather than what made...

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    Beginners Start Here: New Year’s (Mac) Resolutions

    New Year's is the time for new beginnings - when we cast off the shackles of a year of not achieving everything we set out to do and give ourselves...

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    Beginners Start Here: Mac OS X’s Unix Underpinnings

    Apple has made much of Mac OS X's Unix-like foundation since before the days of the Public Beta. What does this mean from the practical point of view?...

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    Beginners start here: Backup Gotchas

    Backing up is one of those things you should never stop thinking about. Although I recently covered backup basics here on the AMW site, I thought...

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    Beginners start here: Spaces

    One problem with the desktop metaphor of modern operating systems is that they can become as cluttered as a real desktop - and sorting through an...

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    Beginners start here: Managing large updates

    An ongoing topic of discussion for Mac users is the ever-increasing size of updates, both for the Mac OS itself and for third party applications like...

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    Beginners start here: e-mail configuration problems

    For both incoming and outgoing mail we need to know the mail server, whether the connection is established via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL, a form...

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    Beginners start here: When e-mail goes bad

    E-mail has become such a staple of our online lives that it's hard to imagine how we got by without it. However, it's not a perfect system, and there...

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    Beginners start here: backup basics

    I've said it before and I'll say it again (and again and again): you can never have too many backups, but you'll always have too few. Another computer...

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    Beginners start here: Mac sites

    If you're new to Macs, it can be a bit daunting as you begin the exploration of your new OS. There are some great resources out there for getting...

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    Beginners start here: Finder windows

    The first thing a Mac user is presented with each time they start up their Mac is the Finder, Apple's venerable file browser and application launcher...

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    Beginners start here: Bluetooth basics

    An oft-overlooked feature of most Macs is Bluetooth connectivity - we look at the basics of this useful technology.

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    Beginners start here: Stacking up

    Learning some tricks about Stacks in Mac OS X v10.5 will help your Mac use every day.

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