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    Mac News Briefs: QuickerTek battery extends MacBook life by five hours

    QuickerTek has released a lower-cost version of its Apple Juicz external battery for MacBooks laptops. The Apple MacBook Battery and Charger Lite...

  2. Reviews
    NEW: HyperMac external battery plays nice with all MacBooks

    If there’s one thing we could all use, it’s a little more staying power. But great as running and push-ups are, they’ll do nary a thing to...

  3. Blogs
    Up close with the 17-inch MacBook Pro’s battery

    When Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, introduced the company’s 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro notebook at Macworld...

  4. Help
    No battery makes MacBook sad

    Despite the fact that they are called laptops, some people never use them on their lap, or even off their desk: They're desktop replacements. What's...

  5. Reviews
    Battery tests: The new MacBook and MacBook Pro

    Battery life is a key aspect of a laptop, especially to travelers who don’t have easy access to a power outlet. To test the new MacBook and MacBook...

  6. News
    Sony recalls 73,000 Vaio laptops due to burn hazard

    Sony is recalling 73,000 Vaio TZ laptops because of a possible manufacturing defect that may cause them to overheat.

  7. cat-iPhone
    iPhone battery extenders on the way

    The iPhone 3G may be the tech fashion accessory du jour, but if it runs out of juice and can't make a call it may as well be a doorstop. Technologies...

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