1. Features
    February 19th, 2013 by Benj Edwards
    Abandoned Apples: Part 2

    The machines we left behind For whatever reasons, humans eventually vacate the places they inhabit, and in doing so, things are left behind. Some...

  2. Blogs
    When Apple marches on

    In the past couple of weeks I’ve written about AppleWorks, Apple’s venerable, capable, but seriously-people-this-thing-is-so-dead application...

  3. Reviews
    Bento 2: closer to its potential

    When I first saw FileMaker’s database “for the rest of us” — namely Bento — last year, I immediately thought what a lot of other people thought:...

  4. Reviews
    Bento by FileMaker (the other view)

    Back when Apple announced Pages and bundled it with Keynote, calling the resultant “suite” iWork, people immediately began referring to...

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