1. News
    December 5th, 2013 by Christiane Reher
    Apple offers free Christmas playlist for US customers

    Apple is giving away free music from iTunes in their Apple Store app to US customers this week to attract people to the app. The holiday playlist...

  2. App Guide
    December 4th, 2013 by Roman Loyola
    100 Doors 2013 (iOS)

    Yes, I know I’m late to the 100 Doors bandwagon, but it wasn’t until this past week when my cousin introduced me to the game (100 Doors 2013,...

  3. App Guide
    December 2nd, 2013 by Dan Miller

    Think about how much time you spend dealing with chunks of text, big and small: the search queries you type into Google, the words and phrases you...

  4. App Guide
    November 26th, 2013 by Macworld Australia Staff
    Boom for Mac

    Disappointed with the sound output of your Mac speakers? While the built-in speakers continue to improve, Apple has a limit on the maximum output...

  5. App Guide
    November 26th, 2013 by Brian Beam

    As a web developer and project manager, I maintain lots of notes that I edit, not only on my Mac, but also on my iPhone and iPad. I prefer to keep...

  6. App Guide
    November 21st, 2013 by Dan Moren
    Apple Store iPad app debuts… in the US

    Buying Apple products from your iPad just got a whole lot easier. (At least for US-based iPad owners – the app doesn’t appear to be listed...

  7. App Guide
    November 20th, 2013 by Susie Ochs TechHive

    A good to-do list can make you more productive, it’s true. It can also excel at making you feel like crap. See, the thing about a to-do list is...

  8. App Guide
    November 20th, 2013 by Mark Hachman
    Microsoft releases SmartGlass Xbox One app for iOS, Android and Windows

    Microsoft released its second-screen SmartGlass app for its upcoming Xbox One game console on many platforms on Tuesday, which may be a bit more of...

  9. App Guide
    November 13th, 2013 by Christopher Breen
    Apple GarageBand 2.0 (iOS)

    If you’ve read our review of GarageBand 10.0 for the Mac OS (and really, you should) you know that Apple brought a lot of changes to the Mac version...

  10. News
    November 7th, 2013 by Zach Miners
    Biz Stone’s Jelly app ‘very close’ to launching, will be free for iOS and Android

    Some new details have emerged about Jelly, the mysterious startup from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The company’s app is “very close”...

  11. App Guide
    November 6th, 2013 by Jeffery Battersby
    Pages 2.0 for iOS

    Like its Mac OS sibling, Pages for iOS is a completely redesigned app that brings to your device the same set of tools and features as the desktop...

  12. App Guide
    October 31st, 2013 by Dan Frakes
    Fantastical 2

    Thanks to its intuitive interface and outstanding natural-language event-creation capabilities, the original version of Fantastical for the iPhone has...

  13. Blogs
    October 31st, 2013 by Al Sacco
    Why BBM for Android, iOS success will be short-lived

    Just over a week ago, BlackBerry finally started rolling out its BBM messaging app to iOS and Android users. The initial launch of the app was planned...

  14. Reviews
    October 30th, 2013 by Nathan Alderman
    Apple Safari 7

    The new OS X Mavericks seems to offer far better performance and power management – but its programs often pack fewer features and less-elegant...

  15. App Guide
    October 30th, 2013 by Jeff Merron
    Readdle Calendars 5 (iOS)

    Calendars 5 for iPhone and iPad (App Store link), currently at version 5.2, is a very good upgrade to Readdle’s venerable Calendars+ app. Though...

  16. App Guide
    October 28th, 2013 by Jackie Dove, Macworld
    Pixelmator 3.0 (Mac)

    Layer styles, layer effects, liquify tools and a brand-new image-editing engine highlight the new features in Pixelmator 3.0 FX, a major upgrade...

  17. App Guide
    October 18th, 2013 by Marco Tabini
    Launch Center Pro 2.0 (iOS)

    A few months ago, I noticed that the Phone app was gone from my iPhone’s home screen. I honestly do not remember moving it — one day, I simply...

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