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Macworld Australia Staff
6 April, 2017
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“The traditional office has been changing. People are coming and going, plugging in who-knows-how-many devices into a preset workstation, and expecting everything to work seamlessly. That’s the requirement.” – Robert Volek, designer.

The Humanscale Design Team has reimagined the impractical, stand-alone USB docking station with a sleek, efficient and more accessible solution that eliminates cable clutter. M/Connect, like all Humanscale products, was designed with a focus on purpose, function and ergonomics. The result is a unique, all-in-one monitor arm base and USB 3.0 dual-video docking station, designed to support workers in an active, adaptive workspace.

The M/Connect USB 3.0 is a unique innovation that merges ergonomics and technology. Available with Humanscale’s M2M8 and M/Flex monitor arms, M/Connect gives easy access to user ports and conceals IT ports to eliminate cable clutter. M/Connect is a total workspace solution that enhances the computing experience.

M/Connect improves comfort, health, and productivity while offering instant use of all devices through DisplayLink’s universal Plug and Display connection. M/Connect is at the heart of the effortlessly connected, active workspace.

To find out more about M/Connect call 1300 HUMANSCALE or visit the Humanscale website.


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