Cliff Jospeh, Macworld UK
27 June, 2011
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Aluminium shell protects iPad screen; Bluetooth; iPad controls


Expensive; cramped keyboard slows down typing

$149.95 + shipping


The ZAGGmate may not appeal to everyone, but it has a kind of origami-esque ingenuity that is quite impressive in some ways.

The sturdy aluminium half-shell covers just the front and sides of the iPad, providing good protection for the iPad screen. It doesn’t grip the iPad very tightly, though, so we’re not sure if it would stay in place if you dropped the iPad.

When you remove the iPad a small hinge folds out of the keyboard to act as a stand, allowing you to position the iPad in either portrait or landscape mode. The Bluetooth keyboard has a number of iPad controls, with buttons for switching to the Home screen, putting the screen to sleep, or controlling music playback. According to Zagg battery life will last for ‘several weeks’ between charges.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

It’s a passable keyboard for typing simple notes, but high-speed touch-typists may prefer something that allows them to get up a better head of steam.

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