Xtreme Mac Soma Travel

Anthony Caruana
22 April, 2012
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Xtreme Mac Soma Travel

Xtreme Mac, www.xtrememac.com




Limited inputs; sound quality



XtremeMac’s Soma Travel attempts to walk the tightrope between portability and quality. It does a good job on satisfying both needs, though this is not a device for serious audiophiles.

The Soma Travel is made for iPods, iPads and iPhones. The only input is via a dock connector that retracts so that the Soma Travel can fit into most laptop bags.

The only other connector is a mini-USB port on the back that’s used for charging. If the Soma Travel is connected
to your Mac by USB for charging and you dock an iPhone or iPod into the port it connects the device to your Mac for syncing.

There are just three buttons – power and volume up and down. As you can connect an iPad, there are two small feet that can be swung out so that the unit doesn’t overbalance with the iPad’s extra weight and height.

With speakers the proof of the pudding is in the listening. If you’re after a basic set of speakers for a bedroom or hotel room, the Soma Travel will fit the bill. Sound is good enough, though it lacks deep bass and clarity and it’s not going to fill a room with deep, rich tones. Also, the volume is limited and distorts once it’s jacked up.

The ability to easily connect an iPad makes it a great way to watch some video.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

The XtremeMac Soma Travel is one of those devices that will fulfill a need, providing you are aware of its limitations. It’s portable and easy to use but there’s just one input. Sound quality is satisfactory.

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  1. Bev says:

    Is this device chargeable and if so for how long? I also noticed that the power cord is short, is there a longer one available?


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