Uzibull Ekto 2 case for the iPad

Rob Renk
18 October, 2012
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Uzibull Ekto 2 case



Protective; lightweight;


US$29.95 + shipping (Amazon)


Uzibull’s US$29.95 (down from US$39.95) Ekto 2 for the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad is a rugged silicone soft shell case that goes beyond functional: its extra shock-absorbing silicone layer makes this case super tough. The Ekto 2 features an internal arrangement of cells that protect your iPad on all sides, especially on the corners and edges where you generally need the most protection.

The Ekto 2 runs up and around the perimeter of the iPad’s display and is raised to add even more protection if you lay it facedown, or if you accidently drop your iPad. There are ribs of silicone on the back and on the inside of the case that add yet another layer of armor. The Ekto 2 is available in two colours: jet black, and an almost transparent frosty white.

The case provides an amazing amount of drop protection—more than any I have tested or seen to date. Uzibull has video footage of the Ekto 2 being dropped that illustrates how durable the case really is—it survives a tumble down a flight of stairs, a facedown drop on concrete, and actually bounces after being dropped on a hardwood floor. I could never test my iPad to the extent in the video with a clear conscious, but it was nice to see that if you accidently dropped your iPad, it would be safeguarded extremely well.

All of the Ekto 2′s ports and buttons are fully accessible through pre-formed cutouts in the thick silicone exterior, including the rear-facing camera. The only exception is the Sleep/Wake button, which is covered with a push-through overlay. If you use a dock-cradle accessory, you’ll have to remove the Ekto 2 to use it, as the outside silicone edge is too bulky to fit; the standard 30-pin dock connector cable will still have adequate clearance.

The only real trade-off with the Ekto 2 is that it sometimes attracts dust and lint—at least, that’s what I observed in my testing. In addition, the back of the Ekto 2 has a cutout to display the Apple logo, and while this definitely looks nice, it also could let in more dust or lint, and a portion of the iPad is exposed to potential scratches.

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Overall, the Ekto 2 is an extremely durable, well-designed lightweight case that provides a layer of protection usually reserved for heavier cases.

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