Ultimate Ears 300vi

Macworld Australia Staff
23 March, 2012
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Ultimate Ears 300vi

Logitech, www.logitech.com/en-au


Modern design; good custom fit options


Some sound leakage



There’s something pretty slick about the Ultimate Ears 300vi; from their modern design and extras to their audio capabilities, the earphones pack a punch.

Our review unit was grey and orange (a nice colour combination for men or women) and came with an orange hard-shell carrying case and large range of interchangeable buds – giving a good fit for even the fussiest ear canal.

Depending on what you prefer, you can mould the 300vi to sit in an around-the-ear position or opt for a straight line using the section of wire inside the top end of the earphone tubing. We tested both positions and found they worked equally as well. If you choose to fit the earphones straight, the section of rigid, wired cord may annoy you, but this is a minor gripe and not likely to cause an issue with a lot of users.

The earphones also feature an integrated microphone and on-cord controls – a fairly standard feature these days – handy for adjusting volume while on the go.

Sonically, the 300vis perform well. The audio produced is rich and full, with great bass detail.

They also deliver on noise-isolation to an extent, though you can still hear a good amount of noise, especially outside. This may not be a bad thing to keep a check on traffic and the like, but if you’re after something that will filter sound more effectively, it may pay to compare these with other models.

The advantage of having so many earbud sizes to choose from is that you’re guaranteed a tight, custom fit. This is ideal for an enjoyable listening experience, as the buds are not constantly dropping out or loosening in the ear.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

Commuters who are after something compact and well-built will appreciate the 300vis, as will other users. And at $79.95, they are a fairly affordable option. Our one criticism is the level of noise-isolation. While the earphones do filter some extraneous sound, you can still hear a lot of what is going on around you. Whether this will bother you or not, comes down to personal preference.


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