TwelveSouth Hoverbar

Ben Harvell
7 June, 2012
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TwelveSouth Hoverbar



Minimal; robust; flexible; ideal for multiple iPad uses, from work to play


Fairly expensive; no mount for original iPad or iPhone; takes a little time to move securely

US$79.99 + shipping


Every now and then a product comes along that’s so crazy, yet so stunningly simple, that it becomes an instant classic. The HoverBar from TwelveSouth is one of these.

‘Potential’ is the key word for the HoverBar; it would be impossible, in the few words we have here, to explain how many uses there could be for the device.

Simply a malleable metal arm with a clamp at one end and an iPad mount at the other, it’s the way you use it that counts.

Attaching the clamp to any surface or object allows you to hover your device at any angle or height you require. Floating next to an iMac is an obvious solution, but the HoverBar works equally well from a bedside table, kitchen counter, car seat or anything offering an inch of available area to grip.

Those who enjoy iPad gaming via mirroring to a TV through an HDMI Apple Digital AV Adapter or an Apple TV will be pleased with the HoverBar’s flexibility.

Tightening the component parts with the provided Allen key is essential. It makes moving the product from one room or desk to another slower but, for the safety it affords your expensive mobile device, it’s worth it.

A ball joint behind the iPad enhances flexibility, allowing users to rotate and tilt the device and get exactly the positioning they want.

For such an infinitely useful product, the HoverBar only has two flaws. It doesn’t come with a price tag that’s as minimal as the device itself, however. And we’d really like to see a version for the iPhone.

There’s also no version for the original iPad, but the good news is the HoverBar’s rigid-plastic, corner-hugging cradle also fits the new iPad, albeit with a tighter fit than when mounting an iPad 2.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

Overall, anyone with an iPad 2 or the new iPad will find a use for, and enjoy, the HoverBar.

Besides the facts that it doesn’t come cheap and can’t be used with the iPad 1, it’s the height of convenience and an incredibly useful component for any room in the home or office.


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  1. Laith says:

    My hoverbar just arrived today. I also got the clamp for my iPad 1. Easy to set up and my mind has been running crazy with ideas of what I can do with it. At the moment I’ve got it playing some video podcasts hanging off the side of my iMac. It might be attached to my bed head soon enough so I can fall asleep with out smacking my face on the iPad as I fall asleep.
    I do recommend.

  2. Mari says:

    Got mine for Christmas! LOVE IT!! installing it on the iMAC 27″ was a breeze. It holds my iPad 3 securely. I did have to take it out of its case in order for it to fit the holder but it was worth it.

    Highly Recommend!

  3. Leo says:

    Waiting for the mini version!

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m on my second, and regretfully my last, Hoverbar. I love the concept and think it could have been well worth the price, if it wasn’t for it’s weak link: the plastic ball joint assembly. It breaks very easily. The first one that broke I thought it must have been my error. When the second one broke, ( both after only 2 months of not heavy use), I realizedo it had a major design flaw. Premium materials are used for every part except for the one that gets the most use, the ball joint screw cap made of Flimsy plastic. Over time it tends to start slipping, so you hand tighten the screw cap that holds the ball. Around the third time I had to tighten the ball join, when I went to tilt my iPad it snapped allowing my Ipad to fall to the floor shattering the the glass. So much for security. No Allen wrench in the world could have prevented the ball joint failure.
    After repairing my iPad, plus the cost of 2 Hoverbars I felt cheated.
    It could have been a great product well worth it’s price if they didnt cut corners by using cheap plastic on the ball joint.
    P.S. it has no warranty.

    Stay away or be prepared to PAY!

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