tiltpod for iPhone

Stephanie Andrews
17 August, 2012
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tiltpod for iPhone

tiltpod, gomite.com/


Does a good job; compact


Too small and not non-stick enough to fully trust

US$14.95 + shipping


Small, compact and portable, the tiltpod is a great ‘tripod’ for iPhone 4 and 4s designed for use during video chatting and hands free photos or videos.

Simple as it may seem the tiltpod’s actually very well thought out: the base is non stick to ensure grip when holding your iPhone, the key ring allows for ease of transportation and the ‘hand’ holding the iPhone is a perfect size to slip in your phone without damaging it. However, beware those of you with iPhones in cases: the tiltpod’s ‘hand’ is designed for an iPhone without a case, so any cases will have to be removed before use.

iPhones can be held portrait or landscape by the tiltpod, overbalancing only ever occurs at an extreme portrait tilt and is otherwise relatively sturdy. The tilt and rotation of the tiltpod is controlled by a strong magnet which works very well, however it is sometimes difficult to line up the iPhone straight, so there might be a few wonky pictures.

This gadget’s fab if you use your iPhone regularly as a camera or for Face Time as it’s pocket friendly both in size and cost. However, we’re not sure if we’d trust the tiltpod with our iPhones, leaving it for 20 seconds on a rock in a gale to take a picture doesn’t seem particularly safe…

Macworld Australia’s buying advice

It’s a great little gadget, small and relatively cheap, it does a good job and would be great for iPhone camera regulars. However, it can be a little fiddly to set up and we’re not sure if we’d entirely trust it.

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