thinksound ts02+mic

Tara Brady
8 May, 2011
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Thinksound has set a new standard in green electronics by being an extremely environmentally friendly company whose aim is to create great-sounding headphones with as little an eco-footprint as possible.

The thinksound ts02+mic earphones are the latest addition to the range and live up to all the expectations. The minimalistic box is made from 100 percent recycled materials, including the cotton carrying pouch.

It’s also sewn from renewable sources and offers a tangle-free cord that is made from an ultra-lightweight, PVC-free material.

The earphones feature an all-wood housing with aluminium baffle. The wood gives a more natural feel and resonance to the music. They come in either a chocolate-brown or cherry colour, and look fashionable while still remaining discreet in
your ear.

There is nothing wrong with the ts02+mics when it comes to comfort. Being made out of wood means the earphones are very light, and with good-quality ear-tips, they sit in your ear securely. Nothing is compromised. Even the 3.5mm plug is gold-plated for better sound quality.

The ts02+mics include a microphone, but no remote. In other words, there’s a button to pick up or hang up a phone call,  to pause and play, but you cannot change the volume.

The earphones themselves do a great job at passive noise isolation. If someone were to shout at you at the top of their lungs, you would have trouble hearing them.

The most impressive feature is the immense dynamic range of these headphones. The sound seems like it’s filling your head rather than entering from the ear pieces.

The bass is tight and punchy. You may think that with this additional bass, something would have to give in another area, but this isn’t true. The highest notes, which are crucial to conveying strong presence in music, are clear and because of the clarity across the entire range no instrument gets lost.

Also, the soundstage is amazing. You can visualise where each instrument is within the mix.

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The thinksound ts02+mics are truly a joy to listen to. For their price, they are unrivalled.

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