The Wallee iPad wall mount and hard case

Xavier Verhoeven
17 August, 2010
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The Wallee

The Wallee,


Looks great; sturdy plastic and steel construction; relatively easy to install


Wallee case adds bulk; no option for using adhesive rather than screws

$49.95 (plus $10 for extra mounting plates) including worldwide shipping


The Wallee is an incredibly simple and near-perfect implementation of something I had hoped for since my first iPad arrived in the mail from the US: an easy way to mount it on the wall.

There are a few different options out there for attaching your iPad to a wall, but this one ticks too many boxes to be ignored. It’s stylish (made from nice glossy hard plastic and available in a range of colours), easy to install (we’ll look at that next), and designed locally in Melbourne by self-confessed Apple fanatics.

There are two parts to the Wallee: a hard plastic case that offers protection from knocks when you take your iPad out, and a wall mounted X piece (actually a few separate pieces that join together) that the case clicks into when you’re at home, or wherever you install it.

Installing the Wallee

The most difficult part of the installation is attaching the X piece to the wall. Unfortunately, you will need to screw it in, so if you’re renting, this might not be ideal. I’d love to see an adhesive version, though it might be hard to trust with your iPad sitting a few feet above the floor, attached only by glorified sticky tape.

As the video below describes, you need to mark a level crosshair where you want your iPad to hang, and use it along with the steel backing plate to mark your holes for drilling. There are no screws included, as your needs will vary depending on your wall.

Once the holes are drilled, and the backing plate screwed in, you attach the cover and X piece with an included screw. If you’ve gotten it right up to this point, you should have a neat white or black wall plate attached ready for you to turn and click your iPad (with Wallee case) into position.

The X design of the mounting plate means it can easily be used in portrait or landscape orientation, and switching between the two is a matter of twisting it into place. Small dimples in the Wallee let the pieces click together to ensure that your iPad will stay put at the right angle.

Using the Wallee

Once attached, the Wallee is great for using your iPad for a whole range of tasks. I mounted mine in the living room, so it’s perfect for displaying my latest photos. But it would be great in the kitchen for viewing recipes or – dare I say it – on the back of the toilet door for catching up on some YouTube while on the loo.

When clicked into position, the Wallee will hold your iPad stable for watching video or navigating through an app. When it’s not docked, the case does a good job at being a standalone case, but the section that attaches to the X plate does add some bulk. Also, a section of the iPad’s back is exposed to potential scratches where the cross is cut out.

Australian Macworld’s buying advice

The Wallee is an ingenious option for anyone who wants to attach their iPad to a wall without too much customisation and manual labour. It doesn’t interfere with normal iPad operation, as it’s shaped for full access to all buttons, and provides a nice looking hard case to protect your iPad. Sure, the case is a bit chunky, and not as protective as some, but it’s a worthwhile compromise for such an elegant mounting solution.


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  1. Laith says:

    I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it… …But I rent… …so I’ll be putting it off for a while…

  2. AMW staff says:

    Laith, stay tuned. Apparently they have some accessories that provide alternatives to drilling coming soon.


  3. jon says:

    That guy is wearing my threadless t-shirt!!!

  4. steve garfield says:

    I bought a Wallee and two wall mounts. Here’s a blog post that shows the installation:

    I like it.

  5. Alon says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve launched our great range of modular accessories for your Wallee case. We’ve also launched our Wallee for iPad to, available for pre order now!


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