The Glif iPhone stand and tripod mount

Beau Colburn
10 January, 2011
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The Glif

Studio Neat,


Solidly built; multiple uses and configuration options


Won’t work with iPhone cases



Owning an iPhone 4 means always having a very capable pocket and HD video camera at your finger tips. Since it’s in such a small and slick package, there are many occasions that require additional accessory support to capture the image properly. Enter the Glif: a small, inexpensive plastic adaptor that allows the iPhone to be mounted on a tripod, or stood up on its own.

The Glif (US$20) is made of moulded plastic and is about half the size of a pack of gum. It works by snapping onto any edge of an iPhone 4. The fit is snug and secure, but not so much that you worry about damaging your phone when you take it on and off. Unfortunately, this exact fit means that the Glif cannot work on top of any protective case, which means you’ll have to take your iPhone out of its case (if you use one) every time you want to use the Glif.

There is a threaded hole on the bottom of the Glif that allows it to be mounted to any standard tripod mount. If you’re out shooting with a full DSLR photo kit and want to take some quick video, you can mount your phone to the head of your Manfrotto tripod; or, if you’re travelling light around town, the Glif can easily hide in your pocket, and be mounted on top of a more portable Gorillapod tripod.

Even if you don’t have any additional tripod support with you, the Glif can come in handy. There is a small notch on the bottom that allows it to be snapped onto the iPhone at a right-angle, creating its own support, much like the leg of a picture frame. You can snap it on any side of the phone, so your shot can be in landscape or portrait orientation. The angle can be slightly adjusted, depending on where the point of attachment is. When attached in this manner, the Glif also serves as a great support for watching video on your phone or having a FaceTime conversation.

The Glif received a lot of attention as one of the early Kickstarter funding success stories. After spending time with the finished product, this praise seems deserved. If you have a case on your phone that you don’t like to take off, the Glif may be frustrating for you, but otherwise, it’s a great addition. This simple, pocket-sized piece of plastic can instantly expand the options for taking photos, shooting video, and viewing content on your iPhone 4.

The Glif is available directly through its website for $20, but due to popular demand there are occasional backorder delays.


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  1. brad PCT says:

    The glif is nice but does have its drawbacks. My company, PC Treasures, makes a product called the GrippIt! that I think gives the glif a run for its money. Not only does it cost ten dollars less, but, unlike the glif, it works with any phone and lets you leave your phone in its case when using it. Check it out here:

  2. Bozo the wonder dog says:

    @brad PCT – seriously?

    The GrippIT! is an unattractive (green) generic Mobile Phone holder that appears to be almost half the size of the phone.

    The Glif is an elegant, small and much more versatile holder for the iPhone 4.

    IMHO, the Glif would a much better buy even if it were $20 more than the green thing.

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