STM Dux – protection for your portable Mac

Anthony Caruana
21 April, 2016
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Attractive, offers great protection


Adds a little extra bulk to MacBook Pro



Apple’s build quality is well-known. From its pioneering use of the Unibody Enclosure to its focus on high quality materials, Apple makes its Notebooks to last.

But that doesn’t make them invulnerable to life’s little accidents. And that’s where the STM Dux fits in.

The Dux is made from thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate. The two pieces snapped over the top and lid of my 13in MacBook Pro. There are Dux hardshells for the 15in MacBook Pro as well as the MacBook and MacBook Air.

Although most of the Dux is clear, the edges are trimmed in either black, chilli (which is marketing speak for red) or Moroccan Blue (which is marketing speak for… you guessed it: blue).

Once the Dux is snapped into place, it protects almost the entire MacBook Pro. All of the ports and plugs are still easily accessible. With some hard cases I’ve looked at in the past, the areas around the ports can be a little fragile, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Dux.

After about a month of carrying my MacBook Pro around airports and various workspaces in my backpack and carry-on luggage, the Dux still looks like new and my MacBook Pro is unmarked.

STM’s Dux has added a little extra weight and size to my MacBook Pro. The extra 350g is barely noticeable – the MacBook Pro weighs just under 1.6kg, but the Dux adds a couple of milimetres to the width, length and thickness of the MacBook Pro. While that sounds minor, I did find it noticeable, particularly when slipping my portable Mac into the compartment in one of my regular laptop bags.

Bottom line. If you’re looking to add some extra protection to your portable Mac, the STM Dux is a good choice. It doesn’t add a great deal of size or weight, makes no difference to the device’s usability and looks quite attractive.

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