Sony MDR-10RBT

Anthony Caruana
31 July, 2014
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Sony MDR-10RBT



Sound quality


Lack of padding



Once we’d set the Sony MDR-10RBTs up – the pairing process was very easy – we were able to listen to our tunes. In addition to the Bluetooth connectivity we tested, Sony has added NFC (near field communication) connectivity to the Sony MDR-10RBT headphones. This makes the connection process easier and makes us wonder why Apple hasn’t jumped on board with this emerging technology.

The headset was reasonably comfortable, although we felt that it could use a little more padding across the top. The padding around the ears was comfortable and did a solid job of blocking out ambient sound.

As is the norm in this product category, charging was over USB. A single charge, according to Sony, will deliver 17 hours of continuous use – enough for a long-haul flight.

Of the four sets of headphones we tested, the Sony MDR- 10RBT had the easiest controls to use. Rather than trying to fit too many functions into a small number of buttons, Sony has chosen to give this headset separate play/pause, forward/ back and volume controls. Although this adds to the number of buttons, it means that we didn’t have to learn any complex combinations to execute common actions.

Sound quality was excellent in our view. Unlike many of the headsets we’ve recently tested, Sony has eschewed the trend of adding extra bass to the sound. As a result, we felt that the MDR-10RBT headphones had the most balanced sound. There wasn’t too much deep bass overpowering the rest of the sound. We couldn’t detect any distortion at high volumes.

Like the other headsets we tested, we were disappointed with sound quality on phone calls. While everything was fine at our end, the parties we spoke to noticed that sound quality was muffled and hard to hear.

Bottom line.

Sony, arguably, created the idea of high- quality portable headphones when it launched the Walkman back in the late 70s. And the Sony MDR- 10RBT wireless headphones hit the spot for portable entertainment buffs.

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