SkullCandy RocNation Aviator

Nick Broughall
16 July, 2012
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SkullCandy RocNation Aviator



Cool design; impressive sound


Neighbours can hear you listening at high volumes



Just like aviator sunglasses, SkullCandy’s RocNation Aviator headphones take their design cues from the equip- ment found inside a plane’s cockpit. But rather than some drab, function-over-form design, these Aviators are a bright, shiny combination of reflective plastic and chrome.

The over-ear design of the Aviators means that you’re probably not going to hear too much from the outside world while listening to music. The leather-encased ear cushions are comfortable for extended periods of time, and the adjust- able headband has a satisfying click as it moves through the various sizes.

As with any headphone you’d find in this price bracket, audio quality is pretty amazing. The full spectrum of sound plays back brilliantly, with no distortion at high volumes. It may be skewed slightly heavier in the mid to high range, but bass- heavy tracks certainly don’t disappoint.

The Aviators do leak sound pretty badly. Whether it’s the design or the over-ear cushioning, at mid to loud volumes you can expect dirty looks from people around you. That doesn’t affect your experience, and you don’t need high volumes to drown out external sounds, so it’s hardly a dealbreaker.

Like the Beats, the SkullCandy cans fold inward for trans- portation, making them a little chubby in three dimensions.

The main button on the in-line remote of the Aviators could be a little tighter, as it tends to inadvertently double-click with surprising frequency. It is positioned at a convenient mouth height, so audio quality through the mic is clean and clear.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

Not just for pilots, the RocNation Aviators offer a good sound at a respectable price. But if you like listening to your music loud in public locations, it’s probably worth choosing something different to avoid the annoyed stares from strangers or colleagues thanks to the Aviators’ sound leakage.

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