Shure SE535 Earphones

Tara Brady
8 June, 2011
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Shure SE535 Earphones



Perfect sound quality; replaceable cables


Takes some time to get used to the fit



Shure has been known for having the best earphones on the market for years and the new SE535’s have only taken their reputation to the next level.

The cables themselves are the first things that shout “high quality”. Shure has gone with a new Kevlar-reinforced material that’s far more resilient than standard plastic, and they’ve added gold-plated connectors right on the monitors themselves. In other words, you’ll never need to replace a complete headset due to cabling problems.

A wide selection of tips in different styles and materials, an adjustable inline volume control, a hard nylon zippered case, and both aircraft and quarter-inch jack adapters are all bundled in a ultra high-quality aluminum box.

If you’re completely new to this type of product, you’ll discover that inserting the SE535 in your ear is a little more involved of a process than a lower-end earbud or in-ear monitor; you need to properly snake the cabling around your ear, make sure the tip goes deep enough in your ear canal. You’ll also need to experiment with tip types and sizes to make sure you’re comfortable with the fit and sound. You might feel like a fool at first, but it only takes a couple of tries to get it right, and let me assure you, it’s well worth it.

The sound produced by the SE535’s is nothing short of magical. There are three separate drivers tucked away inside the SE535s’ plastic housing; two woofers and one tweeter.  In terms of the low end, the SE535s don’t offer the kind of artificially pumped-up bass we so often hear in lesser in-ear models. Rather the emphasis is on a natural, faithful reproduction of the original recording.

The tweeter does an impressive job of feeding through crystal-clear high tones, keeping high ends distinct, which adds to the overall breadth of sound. There are few things more satisfying than hearing something new in one of your favourite tracks.

The SE535s really perform when the volume is cranked up, the SE535s kept a tight rein on things and, even when the music was really blaring, I never lost track of the mix’s individual components. In fact, if anything, I’d actually argue that the sound is too perfect, which makes it easy to point out imperfections in lossy formats and also encourages you to turn up the volume. It’s amazing!

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