Sena Cases Creativo (for iPhone 4/4S)

Karen Freeman
26 April, 2012
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Sena Cases Creativo



Able to answer phone calls; access to some buttons; sleek


Volume down button is concealed

US$40 + US$9.99 shipping


Sena’s US$40 Creativo for iPhone 4/4S is a pouch-style case that allows you to answer calls with the iPhone still inside it. The attractive genuine leather Creativo comes in black, tan, red or brown.

Since it is a pouch, the iPhone is not fully usable while inside the case, but the Creativo allows some in-case functionality. A cutout towards the bottom of the case lines up with the slide-to-answer bar on the iPhone’s touchscreen, so you can access the slider to answer a phone call. There is another cutout along the top ridge for the headphone jack and parts of the sides are exposed so that the Ring/Silent switch and volume up button are accessible. (Strangely, the volume down button is covered.) Along the bottom, the dock-connector port and parts of the bottom speakers are exposed. While I could answer phone calls and carry on a conversation, I couldn’t end calls or make a new call without removing my iPhone from the pouch. You can charge your iPhone and insert headphones while the phone is inside the case. You can’t, however, use the camera, hit the Home button, access the majority of the iPhone’s screen or use a dock-cradle accessory until you remove it.

Like other iPhone pouches and sleeves, the Creativo is not intended for around-the-clock use. Despite the fact that the Creativo allows limited iPhone use, the case is mostly used for protecting your iPhone while you’re not using it. The phone is held in place by a flap with a magnetic closure, but it’s quick and easy to slide it in and out as needed.

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This unusual leather pouch won’t be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a slim, attractive sleeve that lets you quickly answer a call without removing the case, then check out this offering from Sena.


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