Samsung NX-200

Nick Broughall
2 October, 2012
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Samsung NX-200



i-Function lenses make controlling settings easy; gorgeous AMOLED display


No in-body stabilisation; no dedicated video button.

$799 (18-55mm lens)


Samsung’s engineers really are a clever bunch of people. Realising that photographers almost always hold the lens of a CSC or DSLR camera to balance the weight, they introduced a simple control mechanism on the lens to make quick adjustments to settings.

The i-Function lenses are really a standout feature for the NX-200. While the compact body lacks many of the features and dials of a full DSLR, by adding the ability to adjust practically anything, including shutter speed and aperture, on the lens Samsung has managed to counter the need to hide the camera’s functions deep within menus.

It’s also one of the camera’s biggest weaknesses, as the selection of lenses on offer with i-Function compatibility is severely limited.

The 3in AMOLED viewer is stunning, able to show your shot even in the brightest sunlight. It’s fixed in place, though, so there’s no easy viewing from difficult angles.

Unlike many of the other cameras tested, the NX-200 doesn’t have its own dedicated video button; instead this is selected on the mode dial. The Full HD video recording through the 20.3-megapixel sensor is fantastic at 30 frames per second.

The camera lacks an in-built flash, instead requiring use of the hotshoe on the top of the camera. While that’s not an issue in itself, you can’t use a flash and a viewfinder at the same time.

Despite being able to crank ISO up to 12800, it’s really too noisy to be functional. Which is disappointing given the camera’s image stabilisation is done in the lens and not every lens offers stabilisation.

Macworld Australia’s buying advice.

Impressive from a technical standpoint and image quality is fantastic. But the limited selection of i-Function lenses hold it back.

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