Samsung Galaxy Camera

Anthony Caruana
15 January, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy Camera



Full control; shoot, edit and share direct


UI can be confusing


There was a time, before smartphones ruled the world, when Personal Digital Assistants like the Palm Pilot ruled the world. When those devices added cameras, their utility increased, but the advent of the smartphone killed them off. In a sense, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a modern version of those devices. It’s not a smartphone but it runs Android, so that you get what is best described as a connected camera. The first thing that sets the Galaxy Camera apart from traditional point and shoot cameras is the limited number of buttons. Other than the power and zoom and shoot control, everything else is managed via the 4.77in multi-touch display on the back. Connectivity and photo sharing are the Galaxy Camera’s greatest strength. The integration with Google Drive and Dropbox makes it easy to sync and share your photos. Once photos are imported you can see the geo-tagging information that is embedded in the image’s EXIF data. Our only complaint is that the settings for enabling geotagging are buried in the camera’s settings. The camera application is quite sophisticated. The 21x zoom worked well and the autofocus reacted quickly as we shifted the zoom. For those who have moved away from simply using the automatic shooting mode, you can manually adjust all of the key image attributes including aperture, exposure and shutter speed. We were very happy with the quality of the images we shot. We were able to capture rich images with clear colours. As the Galaxy Camera runs Android, you can install your own camera applications if you don’t like the default Samsung application. You can also add editing software so you can shoot, edit and share directly from the camera. Bottom line. There’s a lot to like about the Galaxy Camera. It shoots great images and makes sharing easy although it’s priced at the premium end of the scale.

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