Review: Tile Pro Series

Anthony Caruana
31 August, 2017
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Hands up if you’ve been known to put down your keys, wallet or bag, only to spend half an hour looking for them when it’s time to go to your next destination? I’m guilty. I leave my keys on the first flat surface I walk past when I arrive at home or sit in my office.

But a year or so ago, I had the chance to play with a Tile – a thin, plastic device that contains a Bluetooth beacon that communicates with your iPhone so you can keep track of where your keys, or any other devices you hook a Tile to, are. When you want to find your keys or missing product, you launch an app, press a button and voilà! The Tile makes some noise and I can find my keys.

This week Tile released its new Pro Series trackers, the Style and the Sport. Unlike the original Tile, the Pro Series offers a longer Bluetooth range than the older models – about 60 metres, up from 30 metres – and are waterproof. They are also louder.

As the Tile is in regular communications with your smartphone, its location is tagged on a map. So, if you leave a set of keys behind or lose them, you can at least see where they were when they last pinged your phone.

Regular Macworld Australia readers will know I like to run, particularly on trails. I sometimes carry my keys in a securely zipped pocket or pouch. But I like having a Tile connected just in case they get lost. And, if you’re into organised running events, being able to get your Tile to beep when someone is searching for your gear at a bag drop can make finding your bag much easier.

The Tile Style and Tile Sport retail for $50 each or $90 for a two-pack. If your budget is a little tighter, the Tile Mate will save you a few dollars but isn’t nearly as stylish, has shorter Bluetooth range and a weaker speaker.


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  1. neil h says:

    but what to use when you put your iPhone down and can’t find it? ;o)

  2. neil h says:

    but what to use when you put your iPone down and can’t find it? ;o)

  3. Macworld Australia Staff says:

    Apple Watch or you can double press the button an a Tile and it will call your phone

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