Review: MacCase Premium Leather Flight Jacket

Anthony Caruana
8 November, 2008
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Some months ago, we embarked on a quest to find a satchel that did justice to fit and design of the MacBook Air. After visiting countless stores and scanning many websites we found an almost perfect companion to Cupertino’s slimmest offspring.

The Premium Leather Flight Jacket is designed for 13″ notebooks. As it’s inconspicuously embossed with “MacCase” on the back, it’s clearly being pitched at the MacBook and MacBook Air crowds. The satchel is made from premium leather and comes in three colours according to the product’s website. The local distributor, MyMac, only offers the “vintage” style.

The main compartment, that houses your precious notebook, is well padded. There’s little chance of bumps and scratches from everyday use. Pulling your notebook in and out is easy as there aren’t any zips or latches that get in the way. The notebook is covered by a flap that is held down with a section of Velcro.

Where the MacCase lets you down is that there’s nowhere, other than the notebook compartment, that’s large enough to hold an A4 page. There’s a pocket at the back that’s too narrow although it was able to hold an A5 Moleskine note book easily. There’s another pocket at the front but again its capacity is limited.

If you’ve got an external Superdrive for your MacBook Air, there’s a removable pocket that designed specific for this accessory. Held in place with a single buckle and Velcro, we found this the perfect size for carrying some keys, a couple of USB sticks, a 3G modem, a power adaptor and other bits and pieces. A larger accessory pocket is also provided with a zipped section on the top flap.

Carrying the fully loaded Mac Case, we found that the shoulder strap was comfortable with plenty of room for adjustment. The strap can be easily removed and the case can be carrier by a handle. We expected the strap to be a little uncomfortable as it’s quite narrow – only about 2.8cm wide. However, there were no problems. Most likely this is because the limited storage capacity of the Mac Case makes it hard to heavily load.

To be sure, there are many great backpacks and satchels on the market that could securely house your portable Mac but there are few that are as attractive as the Mac Case. That eye-catching appeal and solid protection needs to tempered against the limited storage.

Australian Macworld’s Buying Advice: There’s no doubt that the Mac Case Premium Leather Flight Jacket is a beautiful bag with a hefty price tag. It holds your MacBook Air or MacBook snugly and safely and can handle a few accessories as well. It does have some limitations but, if you can live with those it’s one of the nicest notebook bags we’ve laid our hands on.

MacCase Premium Leather Flight Jacket

Reviewer Anthony Caruana
Distributors MyMac Australia/03 9662 9666
SRP $289
Manufacturer MacCase
Cons Limited space
Pros Great quality, looks sensational
Rating 4/5
Typ Notebook bag
Product MacCase

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