PURE Move 2500

Dave Bullard
30 November, 2011
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PURE Move 2500

PURE, www.pure.com/au


Excellent DAB+ reception; high-quality audio


Dated design; no Mac firmware support



Regular readers will know that we rate PURE digital radios very highly, valuing them for their build quality, reasonable prices and – above all – their ability to pick up digital radio signals where others fail.

One of the British company’s latest models is the Move 2500, an iPod classic-sized DAB+ and FM radio. It’s not just iPod sized either – its design owes a lot to the clickwheel iPod classics, from the wheel itself to the black-front-silver-back design.

It might be an homage to the iconic Apple device, but to me the overall effect just makes the Move 2500 look dated rather than retro.

The clickwheel – called a Navigation Dial here – is a small mechanical device the size of a 10c piece that rotates to scroll through menus or adjust volume, has function clicks at north, south, east and west, and has a Select button in the middle.

On an indented circle surrounding the wheel are icons showing Menu, Favourites, Source/Power and Tune. Even after using this PURE model for a few weeks I still find myself pressing the icons instead of the wheel – probably because Apple has put the icons on the wheel since 2004 and my brain is now conditioned this way.

Above the wheel is a three-line LCD display lit with a nice, warm orange glow. It shows signal strength, battery and volume levels, time, sleep time and band, plus station name and RDS (Radio Data System) info such as song and artist name or station promotions – on both FM and DAB+.

On the top of the unit is a lock switch, while underneath is a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Micro USB port for charging or connecting to a computer for software updates. I make sure I’ve updated to the latest firmware before reviewing a product but I couldn’t do that here because the updates are Windows-only. That’s half a mouse off the rating.

The silver metal back slides off to reveal a removable Li-ion battery which delivers about 14 hours of listening time per charge.

The Move 2500’s digital radio reception is excellent. I’ve used it throughout metro Melbourne, even on the move in cars and on trams, and in three weeks it only dropped a station once.

As we all know, when an FM or AM signal gets weak it just drops in quality or goes a bit crackly; when a digital signal gets weak, on the other hand, it goes completely silent. So most digital radios – this one included – have an FM tuner as a backup. Never AM, though, and I’ve yet to find out the reason for that.

From the radio to the earbuds, the Move 2500’s audio quality is excellent. It’s a warm, engaging sound with a good tonal balance. Paired with very comfortable silicone earpieces (there are three sizes in the box) this means you can listen to this radio for long periods without feeling fatigued.

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The PURE Move 2500 is an excellent little radio, highly recommended for its DAB+ reception and sound quality. PURE’s faith in the iPod design is misplaced, however. My wife says it looks like an Asian back-alley knockoff of an iPod. That said, though, the design hasn’t stopped me from using the Move 2500 on a daily basis, and loving it.

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